The prettiest tree in the Village

Late yesterday afternoon I dragged my overtired, feral, fighting children out to see the “Pink tree”. Harper complained the entire way, that her feet hurt, that her legs had pins and needles, that she didn’t want to. Daisy moved at the pace of a sloth picking up twigs and flowers along the way and screaming that we weren’t waiting for her. I walked ahead, with speed and determination, blocking out all that noise because we were going to take pictures of the pretty pink tree in the afternoon light if it was the last thing we EVER DID GODDAMN IT.


Ahhhh….look at her! In all her Spring glory.

The oldest and prettiest tree in the Village outside of one of the oldest cottages in the Village. Honestly, it just takes your breath away when you go past it. I knew you would like it too. And? You don’t have to listen to the whinging children. Bonus!

Drink it in…

Lucky for me there were cows just over the road that the girls could talk to.

I know cow, I’ve never heard such noise and crank either. Sorry to disturb your afternoon tea grass.

Happy Saturday everyone! If you have children, may they be quiet, polite and compliant. If you have a garden and you are in it, may it be weed free, pretty and sweet smelling.

  • clare

    Happy Saturday to you too Beth. We can always hope for happy, complaint children cant we. Think I will have better luck with the garden.

  • Felicity

    Bliss…thanks so much, the beauty is breathtaking particularly in the ‘audio free’ version.

  • Anonymous

    You need to get an invite into that house and take photos. That there was some great real estate porn

  • Greer

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one with feral 2 and 5 year olds at the moment. Makes me feel a solidarity of sorts ;) That tree is so beautiful. x

  • rambling mum

    Beautiful tree! I love springtime for its blooms, plenty in my area to be admired too! thanks for sharing!

  • Becc

    What is that saying…from your mouth to God’s ears. Sounds applicable here :)

  • wsb

    gorgeous ♥ both the tree/cottage and the girls :-)

  • Iliska Dreams

    So pretty! My son must have known to cue the audio…

  • Palaeontologist Mum with Babies

    Also with a two year old and five year old that are suffering cabin fever being stuck inside while we re-adjust to our new life in Patagonia. Thankfully it isfriday night and weare relaxing with beer and making a yummy dinner of chicken schnitzel and roast veggies. Monday my son starts preschool again yippee! We also have so many pink blossom trees here, beautiful but still very chilly with fresh snow today on the surrounding Andes mountains. Have a great weekend Beth!

  • Shannon

    Excuse my utter lack of tree knowledge but what is pink tree’s real name?

    • BabyMac

      It’s a weeping cherry (I think?!) Shannon!

    • Shannon

      Thanks,learn a new thing everyday!
      It’s beautiful :)

  • Anonymous

    Love the golden afternoon light – could the sky get any more blue!!! Gorgeous!


  • Mrs BC

    What a magical tree! I love that cottage too. Great photos!

  • The Aussie Hausfrau

    I <3 those trees. So gorgeous.. Our local council planted them on the verges in our neighbourhood but stopped a street away from ours. They got the pretty pink trees, we got the old faithful bottlebrush. Can’t complain too much though, we get the pretty birds who like the bottlebrush! :)

  • Reannon Hope

    What lovely things to wish for.

  • Stephanie Winmill

    Oh god you crack me up! Lucky those cows were there! Lovely pictures definitely worth the complaining walk!

  • Fiona

    Love the tree and that fantastic cottage too. Your photos are beautiful as always and worth the effort – and yes I’m glad there is no audio ;-) F x

  • Dorothy Krajewski

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that calls them pink trees ;-)

  • Lisalaird

    Gorgeous! And I think you might have just helped me out with the colour “arrangement” for our little country cottage we are about to have painted. So thank you!

  • Mother Down Under

    Oh my…so pretty…I want to go to there!

    You are so fortunate that your life is full of pink trees and cows! Even if they must be taken in with a rather unfortunate soundtrack!

  • Alex

    Gorgeous pink trees and cows!

  • Jessica Flett

    Such a pretty pink tree – am drinking it in!! Happy Saturday!! Jx

  • Mama of 2 boys

    She’s a beauty alright. LOVE those Spring blossom-like trees, just stunning. I love that you included what you had to go through to get those pics lady… I quite often feel that way too, bloody determined to make the most (or get the most) out of a situation, despite the tantruming and disobedience. Ah, lovely mother nature xoxo

  • smellsgoodfeelsgood

    That tree is scrumptious – and so are your kids (viewed from the silent filter of the computer screen)

  • Alisi’s Mummy

    Those blossoms are beautiful! Gorgeous pics too!

  • Mimsie

    Oh how beautiful and thanks for sharing. What type of tree is it? I can see it’s a flowering ‘something’ but not sure what. Kids will be kids and we love ‘em for it or in spite of it. xx

  • Carly Findlay

    What a lovely post. Laughed at you writing about your girls disturbing the cow’s afternoon tea!
    I love that you find such beauty in simple things, Beth, and share them here for us to appreciate. Thank you. That tree is pretty. Did you see there was a mini blossom tree on a high rise tower in 56th st NYC?

  • Alia et Libris

    This made me laugh, I could just picture you forging ahead with your two having a good whinge, because that is exactly what my two would have done and pretty much just did on the weekend just gone when we went away for our last Queensland trip before we go back to Perth to live. I so know that situation. Thank goodness for lovely calm cows for a distraction xx

  • Min Gillespie

    SUCH a beautiful tree and surrounding countryside! You sooooo make me want to be living in the country! :-)