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Miscellaneous 55

School holidays are here! The sun is shining, the washing is on the line, we have been to the library, then out for morning tea and potentially peaked a wee bit early on. So many days ahead. With nothing at all planned I am feeling like we need to either do something in the morning, or the … [Read a little more...]

PicMonkey Collage

Monday meal ideas: School holiday cooking

Here we are in School holiday time again. We missed last holidays because they were tacked onto our big holiday so I am REALLY looking forward to spending 2 weeks at home, lots of puppy play and time outside. We have no real plans, no trips away (as DnA is on and we have lots of planning to do) and … [Read a little more...]


A 40th Birthday lunch

Although we celebrated my brother in law's 40th (joint with my brother) while we were in Croatia it was his ACTUAL birthday last week. He and my sister are the MOST generous hosts for all their … [Read a little more...]


The Magic Mix

A sponsored post for Palmolive Divine Blends There are things in this world that, while beautiful on their own, can become unbelievable when combined with something else. The blend of the two makes … [Read a little more...]


#fucktober for Eden

Do you know my friend Eden? Even if you don't "know" KNOW her, you may know her from her blog. Kind of like how you 'know' me even though we have never met. And you know what? You DO know someone from … [Read a little more...]


Sailing the Whitsundays #thisisqueensland

Rob was feeling a bit guilty about being a plus one on the weekend so he took his camera along. Here's a little something that he whipped up that captures it PERFECTLY (as only he knows how). Pour … [Read a little more...]


Things I like {The 17th September 2014 edition}

Being home. Fancy hotels and time alone with your partner is VERY special, but there's no place like it. I feel more like me when we are all together than any other time. Freshly planted pots … [Read a little more...]


Frank the Tank

It's been, oh, say 2 or 3 years now of constant nagging. Asking. Pleading. Polite suggestions. Drawings. Craft.  Crying for. Requests for a dog. I have always known it was going to happen, just not … [Read a little more...]