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Miscellaneous 58

It's been a big week. I'm TIRED. Sick me, sick kids, busy schedule. I can feel that we are hurtling towards the end of the year with no chance of things slowing down. Do you feel that too? Highlight would have to be this one turning 5. A truly joyous thing to watch. Rob has gone away until … [Read a little more...]


Cake monster

Got my costume sorted for tonight. It's really scary! All I have to do is cut a slice of cake, start eating it and then someone has to try and take that cake away from me. I think it will work perfectly no? I mean REALLY, how awful can one photo be?! Taken on the weekend I just had to share … [Read a little more...]


Life Lesson #316

You know what I figured out a few years ago? You can't make all the people like you, all the time. Huh. I mean really, how on EARTH can no one like you Beth? I know right?! But it's true! There … [Read a little more...]


Things I like {the 29th October 2014 edition}

: Big school orientation started this morning. We have a few hours over the next 3 Wednesdays and there was a certain 5 year old HANGING to get there this morning. We had a few tears during the … [Read a little more...]


Harper turned 5

It takes a really long time to get to five. A lifetime it seems when you are small. I think 5 holds some kind of magical power in the minds of little people...when they get to 5 all kinds of things … [Read a little more...]


Lunch at Wombat Hollow

Yesterday the organising crew behind the Burrawang DnA Festival got together for a debrief on the festival and a chance to celebrate the success of the first festival that was created from nothing to … [Read a little more...]

PicMonkey Collage

Monday meal ideas: warmer weather food

Can you feel it? It IS starting to get warmer. Summer, I can smell you, feel you! We have had a rush of warm days and then those beautiful, thick summer mists rolling in of an evening. There is … [Read a little more...]


A baby sister baby shower

Yesterday we had a baby shower for my little sister who is having her first baby in early December. It was a lovely afternoon filled with friends and family, so much food and pressies! Baby pressies! … [Read a little more...]