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BabyMac Book Club: Big Little Lies {the discussion}

I did it! I read the book. It was down to the line (I stayed up till past 11pm last night) but it's done. I read a book and it's not holidays and THAT my friends is an accomplishment that I am proud of. I hope those of you who were able to join in who have been struggling with reading (and life) are … [Read a little more...]


What I learnt at the 2014 Problogger Conference

Over the weekend I was up at the Gold Coast at the annual Problogger conference. This is the 5th conference they have held (I have been to the last 3) and it's a chance to learn from experienced international and local speakers, sit in on sessions to learn from beginners, right through to advanced … [Read a little more...]

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Monday meal ideas: Vegetarian

Some times you just have to tap into your inner vegetarian and align yourself with the green. After a weekend of not such good food (and the occasional, um, drink) it's time to do that. Here are some … [Read a little more...]

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You know what one of my favourite things in the WORLD is? Besides cutting into a freshly made Anne that is? Seeing pictures of freshly made Annes all around the world! Have a look at some of … [Read a little more...]


Bigger than BabyMac

It's funny, the one thing I have been told maybe 7 or 8 times over the past few days at this conference is about how TALL I am. Who knew I was tall? NOT ALL OF YOU IT SEEMS. Which is weird because I … [Read a little more...]


The unremarkable joy

I like to think I am a pretty positive person, always looking on the bright side and all that, I mostly do hop out of bed and get on with the day with enthusiasm so long as I've rolled a coffee. But … [Read a little more...]



I've headed up to the coast with the most for a few days for the annual Problogger conference. While the next few days will be a whirlwind of learning, meeting people, catching up with old friends, … [Read a little more...]


Around the grounds: Late winter

It might be a little dreary outside (and most definitely still chilly) but there's still plenty to keep me interested out in the garden at the moment. The daphne is still flourishing, the roses pruned … [Read a little more...]