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First Aid

I haven't done a first aid course since high school but this week I have booked in for a red cross one later next month in the village. Last night Rob held a meeting in our hall showing a defib that the School has purchased to have on standby for the town. It's so important as parents and grown ups … [Read a little more...]


Tasty 5 minute noodles

OK so you know when you are HUNGRY, like really hungry at lunch and you want something substantial and tasty and the leftover crusts from your kids lunch just WON'T cut it? Or at dinner when you want something that you can make in 5 minutes that will make you feel like you MADE something, rather … [Read a little more...]


BabyMac Book Club: Mothers and Daughters

Time for round 3 of book club and this one was most definitely NOT going to be about murder. I really had no real idea what I was going to choose...I meant to go into a book shop and look up one that … [Read a little more...]


The thankless days

Tonight I cooked my family a meal that I knew no one really wanted to eat. I had a huge amount of veggies that I needed to get through - a generous donation of leafy greens from a friends garden as … [Read a little more...]


Carry each other

Today I had to drive up to Sydney for an afternoon meeting. I spent all morning, running around home making sure the shopping got done, the dinner got cooked, and lining up things to run while I was … [Read a little more...]

PicMonkey Collage

Monday meal ideas: trying to be healthier

It's the warmer weather, it's the fact that soon enough we have to expose more skin and even get into swimmers, but this time of the year (every year) I find myself on a health kick. For me that means … [Read a little more...]


Miscellaneous 57

I don't want to alarm anyone, but yesterday I was putting dates into the diary, and they were all fast booking up before...CHRISTMAS. It's coming. The odd shop is also telling me so, with window … [Read a little more...]


Bring it back

You know what occurred to me last night? I haven't seen a bacon bit in YEARS. Yes, this is how my brain works. So I sent myself an email from my phone (as I do when things occur to me) with the title. … [Read a little more...]