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Making it better: Jam drops

A sponsored post for Sunbeam Last week we were all a bit sick with a nasty bug that took us out one by one, day by day (except for the day when I was taken down of course a few others fell with me so I couldn’t be completely resting as with most Mums). Once things were on the up and I had … [Read a little more...]


A New York state of Mind

Somehow, it seems that it's been two years since Mrs Woog and I travelled to New York for the 2012 Blogher conference. Two years! I remember that trip so well...what a time it was completely dropping out of grown up life and having 2 weeks eating, drinking and shopping our way through that wonderful … [Read a little more...]


Unlock your style

Last night I was honoured to be asked to introduce my good friend and work colleague Nikki at the Sydney launch of her first book Unlock your Style. I was NERFOUS! It was about 4 or 5 years ago now … [Read a little more...]


Solving the Big Issues: The breeding pantry item

You know what time it is (again) at my place? Bloody pantry clean out time is what. Which looks a little like this: We have a bit of a dodgy pantry situation. It's a corner thing - long and … [Read a little more...]


Happy 8th Birthday BabyMac!

It's 8 years ago tomorrow that Rob published the very first blog post on BabyMac. Since then, there have been 1944 more. And over 33,000 comments. Sheesh, that's some stuff. There's few things in … [Read a little more...]

PicMonkey Collage

Monday meal ideas: mid week dinners

If Monday isn't hard enough, no doubts you will have to work out what to feed yourself this week. I know! It's RELENTLESS. Thought I would help you out with some dinner suggestions that we eat during … [Read a little more...]


Miscellaneous 51

Can't stop thinking about our holiday. In fact, much of this week I have been a little like this: Click here: Post by BabyMac. I've been making things better by making a photo book and … [Read a little more...]


Eyes of a child

A sponsored post for OPSM All you see is cellulite. Roots that need doing. Exercise to be done. Remorse over that food that shouldn’t have been eaten. All she sees is love. And security. And … [Read a little more...]