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Things I like {The beach holiday edition}

1. Change of scene. Change of pines. Change of flowers. No sign of autumn here. 2. The fact that it feels like summer. It does! It's almost May! 3. Leftovers from Easter that just keep on giving. 4. Whole mornings (and even a little afternoon) spent at the beach. 5. … [Read a little more...]


Jamie Oliver’s whole baked salmon in salt

Good Friday round our parts means seafood. And as like other years we usually have a pretty big crowd so a whole baked fish is a good way we've found to feed lots of people. A few years back I watched while my brother in law whipped up a Salmon en croute for us all and this year seeing as he was … [Read a little more...]


The counteract

So I was out on my run this morning, but let's call it more of a walk seeing as that I was doing for the majority of the time, when I walked past an older woman who was KNITTING WHILE SHE WALKED. At … [Read a little more...]


So that was Easter…

The last of the guests have left, the floors cleaned, rubbish picked up, excess food eaten and packed up and Easter done for another year. We had such a lovely weekend packed to the brim with time … [Read a little more...]


A good Friday

Without a doubt the best thing about moving down here is having people come and stay and enjoy a weekend or the odd red letter occasion. We've done Christmas, Winter balls, long weekends, birthdays, … [Read a little more...]


Easter lunch: slow cooked lamb

A sponsored post for Woolworths Macro An Easter tradition for our family is a long lunch on Easter Sunday. Long after the chocolate hunts are over there is time for everyone to sit around and … [Read a little more...]


Solving the Big Issues: The clothes horse

It would appear that this image on my post earlier today caused some controversy. And why wouldn't it? Mis matched pegs. PEGS ON A CLOTHES HORSE. That's just crazy behaviour. Got me … [Read a little more...]


Things I like {The 15th April 2014 edition}

1. School holidays and the fact that we are now on/in them. This means sleep ins. Later nights. No running around in the mornings. Time with the kids and the tricky balance of still trying to get work … [Read a little more...]