Winter Solstice

This morning the day just looked like it was a bit special. I woke to a sky that looked like this, with a wind so cold and biting it took your breath away and made your ears hurt and cheeks sting. The shadows have been shorter and the light soft and wintery.

Today is the shortest day of the year. And it’s done pretty well to pack in all the prettiness it has.

Does that mean it’s almost summer?

  • kim at allconsuming

    that second shot is magnificent.

  • PinkPatentMaryJanes

    Oh my word that is glorious. Just a few more sleeps till I’m down in your neck of the woods – best pack my beanie x

    • BabyMac

      Oh my stars! How exciting…CALL me won’t you? CALL ME.

  • Reannon Hope

    Every time I see a red sky I recite in my head “Red at night shepherds delight.Red in the morning shepherds warning.” I’m not sure what the warning or delight is……

    • Anonymous

      Hi….Im from UK and also recite this! My understanding was that if the sky is red at meant that the next day would hold good weather for the shepherd..but if it was red in the morning, then it was a warning that the weather would be the shepherd had to think about herding the sheep in bad weather, or to find shelter!!….lesson over! X Deb

  • [Good Mum Hunting]


    It’s only 162 days till summer, WOO!

  • sarah br

    beautiful photos! Heres hoping Summer decides to turn up early~ we hardly had a summer here in Vic last year~

  • Carly

    Stunning image! Although your post just reminded me of how far I really am from home. It was the longest day of the year hear for me in the Middle East, and given temperatures at the moment are between 40 and 49 everyday I am very grateful to be on the downslide of summer!

  • lil

    Beautiful shots! Love waking up to mornings like this!

  • Elizabeth

    Such beautiful colors. Why is it that winter seems to have the most beautiful sunrises and sets, and star filled night skies. Trying to be happy about the layers and beanies and scarves that must be worn to view these beauties. (happy face) Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth xx

  • Jo


  • Bree

    The last one looks like a van gogh painting

  • Stephanie

    Beautiful photos! Reminds me of when my daughter said “red skies at night, baker’s delight”, which made me think we should cut down on buying cheese and bacon rolls!

  • Jan

    NO, no summer. Red sky in the morning, shepherds take warning. Red sky at night, shepherds; delight. I took several pictures but this is on Flickr.

    Totally unedited bar a light cropping. That was 7:15 am and the change was her before 10:00 in Sydney. Cold and raw all day. Taken with iPhone as by the time I took DLSR out and set up to my satisfaction, the light would have changed from this.

  • Faux Fuchsia

    I don’t want summer. I luff Winter Solstice. Fires, donnas. blankets, cognac, snuggling, heaters, hot puddings…

    Pity you didn’t live nearby.


  • Nat

    Wow these pictures are amazing x

  • kell

    Oh so pretty Beth. Love it.

  • Elisa {with grace and eve}

    Stunning images! I’ve been captivated by pink skies of late too x

  • Shelley

    Beautiful. Almost summer? I wish.

  • Something Gorgeous

    Yes it was mighty brisk in my neck of the woods also. Sadly I was out at at 6 buying milk and bread b4 heading off to work. Brrrr!!! G.x

  • edenland

    BEAUTIFUL PICS. Wow. I love the sky. When it’s all fancy like that, it’s like, God is totally talking to us.

  • Mama of 2 boys

    That’s just magic lady. Beautiful shots. Amazing that something so perfect can be created in the sky like that. And yes, I’d like to think now that the shortest day of the year has happened, Summer is just a heartbeat away xo

  • sarafoley

    goddamn. there was a mighty inferno in your sky that morning. Great photos.