My Island Home

For the past week or so Daisy has been getting teary saying how she misses “Camperdown” which was where we lived in our teeny tiny terrace in Sydney. Of course this makes no sense to me as I most definitely do not miss Camperdown. I don’t miss one thing about it. Not a single thing. Sure it has great memories for me and will always remind me of very special times as a young family, but it’s not here. We’ve been looking at albums, and if we have music on, and it’s a slow song, she gets all melodramatic (as only she knows how – I have no idea where she gets it from!) and looks longingly out the window saying “I miss our beautiful hallway.  And I miss our backyard.” And then tears roll down her cheeks. Seriously, what backyard is she referring to?!

But we have managed to bring a piece of Camperdown back into our new home – in the form of a kitchen island bench. We had a huge one in our last kitchen and it really was the heart of our home. The girls would sit and watch me cook, colour in or draw there, we would eat and drink and entertain around it. When we bought this house they had a bench in it (see a shot below from the real estate campaign) and take a look at how white and crisp they had it. I surely like me some colour…

Ever since we moved in I have been on the look out for that elusive table/bench. They have been either too short, or too wide, or just not quite right. Last week I was doing my weekly scour of Dirty Janes in Bowral (love love love love that shop & market) and spotted it! In the very same place where my spool drawer was sitting too. It’s my spot. A Bermuda triangle if you will that forces me to purchase things much to Rob’s dismay.

But I turned a corner, and there it was!

And on Saturday afternoon it was delivered and now it stands proudly in the middle of the kitchen. After day one of use of it I can proclaim it a huge success. I love it. Rob loves it. The girls love it. And Daisy said that it’s just like Camperdown. Except better, cause it’s here.

  • Katy

    You find some fab things! Looks great. Chloe has been doing the same thing since we moved – everytime something not so great happens she says how she wants to go back to our old place. Must be the joys of four year olds!

  • Felicity

    Happy days for everyone = yippee!

    How wonderful to have a Bermuda Triangle that yields such fab treasures. Can’t wait to see what the next addition is [sorry Rob!].

    xx Felicity

  • So Now What?

    That looks amazing. What every house needs, a place to all just hang. xx

  • Toushka Lee

    oh I love it! and want it

  • Corinne – Daze of My Life

    Mmmm Lurpak and jam! x

    PS – The island bench looks fab too.

  • Mum on the Run

    I’ve got serious kitchen envy.
    I love your colourful, lived in take on what was gorgeous but sterile. Now it’s gorgeous – and yours.
    The bench is perfect.

  • PinkPatentMaryJanes

    Love the bench, love Dirty Janes – honestly, if you can’t find it at Dirty Janes it doesn’t exists.

    Love that jam-ridden expression on Miss D’s face too – bless her socks.

  • Peta

    can you come decorate my place?


    i love the way you get that balance just right. the balance of new, and classic. you do it so well!

  • Annie


    Is the artwork in the background of the last picture a list of the places you have lived?? What a neat idea!

    I really wouldn’t have noticed it much if you hadn’t mentioned Camperdown in your post but that drew my eye right to it.

    What a big beautiful kitchen you have!

  • jogillen

    I am a new follower to your blog and I LOVE how and what you right. Reading your blog brings sunshine to my day : )

  • ashley

    Oh for the love! Daisy is so thinking in the last picture ‘I guess this will have to do…’

  • Peta

    i keep looking a the picture of your kitchen.

    im not stalking, promise.

    i am just jealous.

    that is all.


  • BabyMac

    Stalk away Peta, stalk away! It’s pretty special. Come and have a virtual cup of tea with me at the bench…

  • Mama of 2 boys

    Just gorgeous lady! The bench and the little lades perched up munching toast at it :o)
    Daisy sounds so much like Angus, he gets very dramatic about things/situations too. Maybe it’s the eldest child diva coming out in them xo

  • Peta

    White with one and a half please.

    And can I try this lurpak you speak of?

  • shine little light*

    hehe me and my boy just got a sydney (except with our eastern suburbs) bus list for when we make our move to the country next year! ummm your kitchen is HEAPS nice.

  • MultipleMum

    A fabulous addition to your beautiful home. I love your artwork in the background too – very cool. x

  • Leah

    Oh I need to visit this Dirty Jane shop… will need a trailer to take it all home though!

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