Party time. Excellent.

Sunday afternoon we had a little soiree for Daisy and her friend Gracie who lives behind us. They have birthdays 2 days apart and are like a couple of old ducks when they get together. We had some new friends over, some of my family, some of Rob’s family and plenty of good food and wine. Rob did a magnificent job on the cake that the girl’s picked out – a Pig Princess – as you do.

Rob spent most of Sunday night swearing as he tried to construct Daisy’s birthday present after consuming his body weight in wine but it was certainly worth it when she spotted it on her birthday morning.

I think I would quite like to get about town on something as fabulous looking as this!

  • Mrs BC

    Happy Birthday to your little one! Beautiful photos.
    Mrs BC

  • Tai Tai

    Happy birthday Daise!!! Can’t believe how much she’s grown up Betty. Kids are incredible. I say you get yourself some sort of two-wheeled wonder and go riding with your little angel xx

  • Maxabella

    The cake is a triumph!!

    And… how cool is it to live somewhere with enough space to BIKE RIDE INSIDE! Goodbye Inner West!!! x

  • [Good Mum Hunting]

    Her hair looks gorgeous!

    Putting kids toys together is difficult at the best of times. I remember James put an easel together backwards, it was hilarious!

    Sounds like Daisy had a super day.

  • Corinne – Daze of My Life

    Fun, fun, fun!

    Excuse me, but where is the cake off? I have been waiting all year for it!!


    cool cake and bike! I usually drink way too much wine and try to decorate the cake the night before…..not a good idea.

  • Christie – Childhood 101

    We had a lil Miss birthday in our house this weekend too which involved a surprisingly similar bike :) Party is next weekend though so still lots to organise!

  • Chantelle {fat mum slim}

    Happy Birthday Daisy! It was only last week {seriously} that I was reading her birth story… and now here she is – all big and stuff.


  • shine little light*

    Womens weekly pig princess awesome!!! Happy Birthday lovely Daisy! What a sweet heart! *s*

  • Mama of 2 boys

    I LOVE LOVE these photos! Looks like a superb partay for a divine little Daisy. She is SO beautiful!

  • Michele

    i love that photo of her blowing out the candles – gorgeous. As is that bike. Maybe I can put my order in for my bday (40th! aaaaaaaaaaarrgh)

  • Salamander

    Oh my gosh, she looks so grown-up!! I just re-read Daisy’s birth story – isn’t it incredible to think that the little snuggly bundle you gave birth to is now a gangly, gorgeous, four year old?? She is divine. As is the cake!! Love it xx