THE Party

We celebrated the big 1st birthday with a little party in the local park on Saturday morning with close friends and family. It was a lovely little celebration and I was very pleased with how it all went.

I put a bit of pressure on myself to create a good cake. In fact I have always thought that it was part of the passage of being a mother in the first year of your child’s life that you had to end it with a cake from the Womans Weekly Cookbook. When we were growing up we would ponder each page and plan the cake MONTHS out from the actual day. I decided to go with “Lucy Ladybird” in honour of my sister Lucy who is living over in London and couldn’t be there. There was much panic the night before when my icing split(!!) but after a call to Mum we managed to sort it all out. I was also quite impressed with my Daisy cupcakes! In fact you might even say that I went all Martha like…go on feel free to say that!

Daise seemed to have a great day and ate LOTS of cakes and treats! We were all exhausted by the end of it but very proud of our efforts. I now feel that I have done the rite of passage for the first year of being a mother – teaching to feed, eat, sleep and now celebrated with the best cake I possibily could. So it’s over for this year – plenty more to come and I can’t wait for them all!!

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