Jamie Oliver’s whole baked salmon in salt


Good Friday round our parts means seafood. And as like other years we usually have a pretty big crowd so a whole baked fish is a good way we've found to feed lots of people. A few years back I watched while my brother in law whipped up a Salmon en croute for us all and this year seeing as he was … [Read more...]

Easter lunch: slow cooked lamb


A sponsored post for Woolworths Macro An Easter tradition for our family is a long lunch on Easter Sunday. Long after the chocolate hunts are over there is time for everyone to sit around and enjoy something delicious for lunch before heading off for a long afternoon walk in the crisp autumn … [Read more...]

Cheat Easter cookies

egg arrowroots-6

It's Easter school holiday time and you know what that means? Well, for a start your children will tell you they are hungry 138 times a day. They will also tell you that they are bored 139 times a day. I have a solution! Something that combines food AND activity. And there isn't a fucking rainbow … [Read more...]

The fussy breakfast eater: Apple Pikelets


I have one kid who would happily eat two eggs on toast, some fruit and yoghurt and then something else if it was on offer for breakfast every single morning and one kid who doesn't want to eat a thing. I kind of get the second one, sometimes you don't feel like eating anything for breakfast but as … [Read more...]

Cauliflower & Parmesan crisps


You've got to love my Mum Sue. She is a fabulous cook - taught me everything I know about food and entertaining, she and my Dad raised 4 children that are all (pretty) well adjusted and together and she has now taken to new technology with gusto. A few years ago she didn't even know how to turn on a … [Read more...]

Sustainable lunch for one


A sponsored post for Woolworths Woolworths have recently changed their fishing methods for Select tuna and it’s something they should be proud of! As Greenpeace reported last month “By the end of this year, all of Woolworths 'Select' tuna will be caught one-by-one with a pole and line, and by 2015 … [Read more...]

Recipe Roulette: Prawn & Chilli Linguine


I will admit that this round of #babymacreciperoulette was a little on the random side. I grabbed the book that was sitting/laying on top of the other books on the shelf - you know how you whack ones sitting on top of the others that are standing up straight? My cupboards are a disgrace as I have … [Read more...]

Bite club Round 1: MINCE OFF


My mate Matt from Dad Down Under sent me an email challenge a few weeks ago and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing  BITE CLUB was born. The rules are pretty simple: The first rule of Bite Club is that recipes must come in under $20 and feed 4. The second rule of Bite Club is that all … [Read more...]

Chicken pot pies


The other week I had a whole lot of left over roast chicken in the fridge. There's only so many chicken sambos a gal can eat so there was only one solution: a chicken pie. I put the question out there on social media for the best recipe that you guys had and then from there I made a few tweaks and … [Read more...]

Feeding School Kids: Sultana Cake


A sponsored post for Woolworths Macro Organic We are now into the first few weeks of the School year and it must be said, I am already over the packing of the School lunch box. Actually, it’s safe to say that I was over that on day 2. If it’s not coming up with stuff to put IN the lunchbox, there … [Read more...]

Recipe Roulette: Rigatoni with zucchini, lemon & mint


Round three of #babymacreciperoulette takes me to BOOK 5, PAGE 134. Which is this Women's Weekly book given to me that I can safely say I have NEVER even looked in before. Terrible right? These are the kinds of books that specialise in everyday weekday style meals - quick, easy and no fuss. And … [Read more...]

Chilli tuna dip with dukkah


My good friend Mrs Munro trotted out this dip on Australia day for the cricket match picnic. I am not usually one for a fish dip (aka salmon mousse or the like) but she assured me and my little sis that it was good. REALLY good. Served up with some cut sourdough we took one scoop and were sold. DEAR … [Read more...]

Recipe Roulette: Frittered Greens baked with sauce


I got Rob to do the picking this round. He was in the kitchen grabbing a drink before heading back out to his studio when I said "choose a number…any number!" He gave me book 8. Page 126 then walked out the door. The idea of recipe roulette is to randomly choose a cook book from the shelf then a … [Read more...]

Recipe Roulette: Sour lemon cake


How many of you got a cook book for Christmas? I actually didn't get one this year, which is a change, as my cupboards look like this: And on top of the cupboard looks like this: Other coffee tables and bookcases also look like this: And there they sit, occasionally flicked … [Read more...]

Leftovers #154: Bill Granger corn fritters


Are you still eating Christmas ham? Me too! I don't care what people think of ham, it's nothing but giving during this festive season. We picked up a bag of corn from a road side stall on Tuesday for a fiver and with the ham STILL giving there was only one thing for lunch: Fritters, corn fritters. … [Read more...]

Thai chicken noodle salad


I made dinner last night, and it was good. After a week of eating, well, A LOT, a simple salad with punchy asian flavours was called for. Something COMPLETELY different to the prawn/ham/roasted meat scenario. I made this salad up as I went, with the help of my trusty brother-in-law (the ex-chef). I … [Read more...]

How to make a Mojito


What's better than one jug of mojito? TWO JUGS OF MOJITO. Simple really! Rob whipped us up a few last night as a pre dinner, pre fishing cocktail and I was reminded of how good they are. Mint, limes, white rum, sugar, ice and soda…summer in a glass! Mojitos (to make a decent jug that serves … [Read more...]

easy holiday cooking

PicMonkey Collage

I'm in official holiday mode. And for me, besides the day time naps, booking reading and over consumption of food and booze, it means time for some new cooking. Time to pour over some cook books and magazines and get inspiration for some new classics for the year ahead. There is something about not … [Read more...]

Christmas cheer: Prosecco raspberry cocktail


You know what's good this time of year? PROSECCO. Prosecco with anything really, but here is a quick video I made for BEVERLEY Christmas last year which is still just as good a year later! What's your favourite drink at Christmas? Egg nog? Champagne? ALL OF THE THINGS? … [Read more...]

Pickled cucumbers


I was chatting to my mate Nat at School pick up a few weeks ago discussing really important stuff like what we had been up to during the day. One thing led to another and the next we were talking about dill, and then cucumbers (food is always a hot topic for me) and then it came out that she had … [Read more...]