Monday meal ideas: Get your bake on

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Morning tea? Afternoon tea? Dessert? Here are some ideas to get your bake on this week: "Anne" (a cracking chocolate cake) Lemon sour cake Apple & rhubarb crumble Apple pikelets Remember that it will be spring soon enough, but while it's still wet and cold then time to keep the carb … [Read more...]

High dinner rotation: Sausage pasta


You know how you have those dinners on your weekly or fortnightly rotation that just keep on getting a run? Well, this dinner is one of those. It's Daisy's favourite dinner...always it's "can we have sausage pasta Mum?" and I am happy to make it, it is DEAD simple, hides all kinds of things and will … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week dinners

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As sure as your kid will get sick when you go on holidays, every night this week someone will ask you "what's for dinner?". Here are some mid week meal ideas for you. Don't say I'm not helpful. Chicken Pot Pies Moroccan lamb wraps Fattoush salad Prawn & chilli linguine May the force … [Read more...]

Solving the big issues: Pancakes V crepes


A little while ago I put a snap up on Instagram, as I am wont to do, of some pancakes that I had made for Harps and I. It's sad and true that Daisy doesn't like them, and Rob is impartial. I know. So, there was the shot, placed in some good light, just so....OR SO I THOUGHT. It would appear I … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: lunch

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You know what I'm guilty of during the week? Laziness. LUNCH LAZINESS. When I'm home (which I often am Mon-Wed when Harps is at Preschool) I should prepare something quick and wholesome. But I usually make a vegemite sandwich. Not this week! Who is with me to make something tasty and filling that we … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Soups

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It's been a bloody cold weekend. The only thing for it was lots of home cooked meals and sitting by the fire, under a blanket! Looks like things are still going to stay on the cooler side of things so here are some quick soup recipe ideas for you to make for lunch or dinner this week. Pumpkin … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week dinners

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If Monday isn't hard enough, no doubts you will have to work out what to feed yourself this week. I know! It's RELENTLESS. Thought I would help you out with some dinner suggestions that we eat during the week. Quick and yum...promise! Chicken schnitty Oven baked chorizo risotto Beef & … [Read more...]

7 wonders of the perfect cake


A sponsored post for Sunbeam To me the perfect cake is a combination of a few things. Home made With a recipe from someone you love Have memories of eating it from another time, with other people Absolutely not be good for you Include chocolate Be easy to make without any fuss Be … [Read more...]



Last night one of the birthday boys (my brother) cooked us a traditional Croatian dish called Peka (peke) a traditional Dalmatian dish which is any kind of meat and vegetables cut up and cooked in a pot or dish in the embers of the fire. I thought I'd share the dish - perhaps for someone to make, … [Read more...]

All hail the mighty schnitzel: how to make chicken schnitzel


A sponsored post for Woolworths Macro Tell me someone (besides someone who doesn’t eat chicken or who likes chicken schnitzel) who doesn’t love a chicken schnitty? Go on! You can’t right? Told you. You HAVE to make your own schnitty that’s just all there is to it. Say what you like about pre made … [Read more...]

Tomato & Vegetable risoni soup


A sponsored post for Woolworths Macro Organics With a very late summery autumn my veggie garden has been still going strong instead of slowing down at its normal winter pace. Which means one thing for me: upping the green intake. The best way for me to do this is to make a big batch of … [Read more...]

Pumpkin & Ginger soup


A sponsored post for Woolworths Select Winter is fast approaching and you know what that means? Soup! Nothing warms you up more when you are cold all the way to your bones than a bowl of hot delicious soup – especially if it’s home made. For me I love soup for lunch when I’m home in winter. I … [Read more...]

Oven baked risotto: Spicy tomato chorizo


I made this cheat version of risotto last night for a soft pant party sitting around the fire. This recipe first was shown in BEVERLEY but I thought I'd share it here too. Dead easy and yum - and no stirring! You can add any flavours to the basic cooked base - limited only by your imagination! … [Read more...]

Winter Warmer: Beef & vegetable stove top stew


A sponsored post for Origin LPG When it starts to look like this through the window. And the temperature hits a top of this for the day… There’s only one thing for it. Good, hearty winter food. Comfort food. Food that warms up your insides as well as your cheeks. Food that’s like a … [Read more...]

Mothers Day Breakfast in bed: cheat Bircher Muesli


A sponsored post for Woolworths Select In an ideal world, on Mothers Day I would awake in a hotel room. I’d wake up of my own accord, roll over in those 1000 thread count Eqyptian cotton sheets and then go back to sleep. Then I’d wake again, have my children spontaneously appear for 4 minutes to … [Read more...]

Fattoush (Lebanese Summer Salad)


We had a lovely lunch for my Mum's birthday on Sunday. Even though it was at her place  we tried to make sure that she spent as much time as possible sipping Prosecco and being the Birthday girl rather than being in the kitchen. My step dad is an amazing cook and entertainer so he took to the BBQ … [Read more...]

Jamie Oliver’s whole baked salmon in salt


Good Friday round our parts means seafood. And as like other years we usually have a pretty big crowd so a whole baked fish is a good way we've found to feed lots of people. A few years back I watched while my brother in law whipped up a Salmon en croute for us all and this year seeing as he was … [Read more...]

Easter lunch: slow cooked lamb


A sponsored post for Woolworths Macro An Easter tradition for our family is a long lunch on Easter Sunday. Long after the chocolate hunts are over there is time for everyone to sit around and enjoy something delicious for lunch before heading off for a long afternoon walk in the crisp autumn … [Read more...]

Cheat Easter cookies

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It's Easter school holiday time and you know what that means? Well, for a start your children will tell you they are hungry 138 times a day. They will also tell you that they are bored 139 times a day. I have a solution! Something that combines food AND activity. And there isn't a fucking rainbow … [Read more...]

The fussy breakfast eater: Apple Pikelets


I have one kid who would happily eat two eggs on toast, some fruit and yoghurt and then something else if it was on offer for breakfast every single morning and one kid who doesn't want to eat a thing. I kind of get the second one, sometimes you don't feel like eating anything for breakfast but as … [Read more...]