A New York state of Mind


Somehow, it seems that it's been two years since Mrs Woog and I travelled to New York for the 2012 Blogher conference. Two years! I remember that trip so well...what a time it was completely dropping out of grown up life and having 2 weeks eating, drinking and shopping our way through that wonderful … [Read more...]

Unlock your style


Last night I was honoured to be asked to introduce my good friend and work colleague Nikki at the Sydney launch of her first book Unlock your Style. I was NERFOUS! It was about 4 or 5 years ago now that I stumbled across Nikki's blog - I had a toddler and was either preggers or just had a baby … [Read more...]

Solving the Big Issues: The breeding pantry item


You know what time it is (again) at my place? Bloody pantry clean out time is what. Which looks a little like this: We have a bit of a dodgy pantry situation. It's a corner thing - long and thin and dark - which is almost impossible to organise. And we all know that I am ALL talk when it … [Read more...]

Happy 8th Birthday BabyMac!


It's 8 years ago tomorrow that Rob published the very first blog post on BabyMac. Since then, there have been 1944 more. And over 33,000 comments. Sheesh, that's some stuff. There's few things in this world that I can do well. I can sweep like nobodies business. I make a mean bed, can whip up a … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week dinners

PicMonkey Collage

If Monday isn't hard enough, no doubts you will have to work out what to feed yourself this week. I know! It's RELENTLESS. Thought I would help you out with some dinner suggestions that we eat during the week. Quick and yum...promise! Chicken schnitty Oven baked chorizo risotto Beef & … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous 51


Can't stop thinking about our holiday. In fact, much of this week I have been a little like this: Click here: Post by BabyMac. I've been making things better by making a photo book and ordering some fridge magnets of some of my instagram shots. I didn't even know this was a thing - but … [Read more...]

Eyes of a child


A sponsored post for OPSM All you see is cellulite. Roots that need doing. Exercise to be done. Remorse over that food that shouldn’t have been eaten. All she sees is love. And security. And comfort. All you see is more washing to be done. Hung out. Folded and put away. All they see … [Read more...]

Where to find good coffee in London


On our recent trip to the UK I was amazed that a decent cup of coffee is still elusive in this fine city. I remember my first trip to London in 1998 as a 21 year old uni backpacker who couldn't quite understand how the food was as stodgy and bad as it was in such a big city. I ordered some stir … [Read more...]

7 wonders of the perfect cake


A sponsored post for Sunbeam To me the perfect cake is a combination of a few things. Home made With a recipe from someone you love Have memories of eating it from another time, with other people Absolutely not be good for you Include chocolate Be easy to make without any fuss Be … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: dead of winter


It's bloody cold here at the moment. Most nights are down to minus 3 or lower. Each morning brings an icy frost, sometimes some fog or mist that burns off once the weak, warm sun arises. The garden is very quiet, most of my pots dead from the heavy frosts that I left them out in (in order to get … [Read more...]

Mama’s got a brand new chair


You may recall a little while ago I was in search of the perfect oversized armchair/daybed for a corner of our lounge room. The (replica) Eames chair we had was being demolished from kids swinging on it and the other chair that I had which I thought was leather completely started to peel and get … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous 50


It's slowly getting closer to normal life rather than holiday life and me being OK with it. Vases have been filled with flowers, toys pulled out, cakes cooked and the fire on non stop. How bloody cold is it? Shock to the old system I must say. This weekend I have a stack of reading to get … [Read more...]

On comfort


I'm home. And it's wonderful. Our lovely home filled with all our things. Our bed. With a topper! The girls toys and textas and paper...things to do. Our kitchen ready for meals to make, our table waiting for us to sit at. Our home...what a wonderful thing. True safety. Happiness. … [Read more...]

Travel packing tips


One of my personal highlights of the trip was the packing which we NAILED even if I do say so myself. Cause I just did! In fact, even though I am quite an organised/tidy person, I am not a print the checklist kind of person who packs and plans for ages in advance. I always pack at the VERY last … [Read more...]

I won’t ever forget…


That wonderful apartment in London. Those windows! Hearing Daisy say "Mum this REALLY feels like London!" And it did. That special Sunday with friends. Driving with the top down through Holland Park, Rolling Stones blaring from the speakers. Seeing her walk that mountain with … [Read more...]

Gardens by the bay Singapore


The afternoon of our guided tour with Singapore tourism saw us arrive at Gardens by the Bay a huge garden complex which opened in 2011. It's a tribute to Singapore being a true garden city - they like to know it as a city in a garden rather than the other way around. The gardens (including the … [Read more...]

River Safari Singapore


Earlier in the year I was contacted by Singapore tourism about working with them which was exciting because we were already planning on going at the end of this trip. And we've never been! AND I had no idea about what would work with 2 kids aged 4 & 7. I was stoked that they wanted to arrange a … [Read more...]

Singapore postcard


We arrived in Singapore a little weary and bleary eyed after our trip from London via Dubai. The timing of the flights meant that we travelled all through the night arriving at 3pm in the afternoon with just 3 or 4 hours sleep under our belt. Not so fresh. We're staying at the York Hotel which was … [Read more...]

Holiday shopping


This holiday was never going to be about shopping. It was a family trip - about time spent together, experiencing things, DOING things and even though at times all I wanted to do was meander through the shops for hours on end, the time we have spent together as a family (except for today when we all … [Read more...]

9 Things to love about Croatia


This morning I'm sitting in our airport hotel room (in our large white lost luggage t-shirts given to us when all our bags bar carry on were lost and still not located somewhere between Split, Dusseldorf & Heathrow) already feeling a million miles away from the sunshine and crystal clear water … [Read more...]