Slow cooked pulled pork (for tacos)


Sunday night when we had visitors over and I knew we were going to be spending a few hours up at the pub in the sunshine I knew that I needed a dinner that could be bubbling away without any effort on my part, and that could be quickly pulled together when all the hungry bodies walked back in the … [Read more...]

Get your paws on it: Uberkate giveaway


As if the sheets weren't enough last week I have another surprise in store for you guys this week! A very special treat from the beautiful and clever Kate from Uberkate. Check out what's on offer...can you see my assistant Frank's paw trying to get to it? And who can blame him? I have one … [Read more...]

Hostess {gift} with the mostess


I said to everyone this morning when we were out saying farewell to our visitors "my goodness this house has seen some visitors" and it sure has. Almost 4 years of people coming and staying, creating memories, sharing time together, eating and drinking around our's very special indeed to … [Read more...]

Tour guide Barbie


I've had Styling You and her family here for the past 2 days visiting our beautiful village and surrounds. And hasn't the Highlands turned it ON? Amazing spring warm! Everything picture perfect. Yesterday afternoon we walked up to the pub for a Sunday sipper session in the perfect late … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: holiday cooking

PicMonkey Collage

This week calls for quick and easy things to cook. And with the warmer spring weather upon us the odd salad thrown in for good measure. Good luck with the last week of holidays (for some of us in the eastern states)'s going to be hard going for me with LOTS of festival work on, visitors, … [Read more...]

Pretty in Pink


You know what time it is here don't you? The festival of pink blossom has begun! My very favourite time of year when the garden and surrounding trees explode with pinks of various shades. My personal highlight (which I have written about before) is one of the oldest and prettiest trees in the whole … [Read more...]

Oh Mabel giveaway winner…


You guys REALLY like nice sheets. And I can't tell you how happy that makes me! Because I LOVE GOOD SHEETS. Man was this hard to many to choose from! So many good stories. Over 376 of them. But we have a winner! Agreed by separately by two members of the BabyMac offices. The winner … [Read more...]

These holidays why don’t you…


: Go for a drive in the countryside. There's a very pretty one round here. : Eat some chocolates. How do you eat your Quality Streets? : Read some books. No matter the age it's just so good. : Bake a cake. I like this Lemon sour one. : Eat some prawns. You can whack them … [Read more...]

Things I like {The School holiday edition}


:The clematis is starting to bud up. For about a month the entire house is covered in pink blooms. My very favourite time of the year. : Going out for a daily treat or visit somewhere with the girls. We have been to the movies (Box Trolls), had visitors for morning tea, emptied piggy banks … [Read more...]

Gimme sheet: Oh Mabel sheet giveaway {on me}


THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED Yesterday morning I went through some packages that were sitting on my hall table from the afternoon before and low and behold look what was inside! A lovely note and an even lovelier package of sheets from Sarah from Oh Mabel. Now THAT was a way to put a spring in my … [Read more...]

Life lesson #267


You know something I have discovered in my 37th year of life? People can't read minds. I know! Groundbreaking stuff. But it would seem that I have spent more time than I should have thinking that they did. Friends that SHOULD know that I'm annoyed at them and then try and make it better because … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous 55


School holidays are here! The sun is shining, the washing is on the line, we have been to the library, then out for morning tea and potentially peaked a wee bit early on. So many days ahead. With nothing at all planned I am feeling like we need to either do something in the morning, or the … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: School holiday cooking

PicMonkey Collage

Here we are in School holiday time again. We missed last holidays because they were tacked onto our big holiday so I am REALLY looking forward to spending 2 weeks at home, lots of puppy play and time outside. We have no real plans, no trips away (as DnA is on and we have lots of planning to do) and … [Read more...]

A 40th Birthday lunch


Although we celebrated my brother in law's 40th (joint with my brother) while we were in Croatia it was his ACTUAL birthday last week. He and my sister are the MOST generous hosts for all their friends...constantly cooking, prepping and coming up with the best parties, lunches, dinner parties and I … [Read more...]

The Magic Mix


A sponsored post for Palmolive Divine Blends There are things in this world that, while beautiful on their own, can become unbelievable when combined with something else. The blend of the two makes something unique and special…a little like Rob and I, or me and a good nights sleep. Spicy hot … [Read more...]

#fucktober for Eden


Do you know my friend Eden? Even if you don't "know" KNOW her, you may know her from her blog. Kind of like how you 'know' me even though we have never met. And you know what? You DO know someone from reading their blog. Especially when you pour everything into your blog. Your secrets. Your … [Read more...]

Sailing the Whitsundays #thisisqueensland


Rob was feeling a bit guilty about being a plus one on the weekend so he took his camera along. Here's a little something that he whipped up that captures it PERFECTLY (as only he knows how). Pour yourself a drink, sit back and soak up a little sailing around those beautiful Whitsundays! … [Read more...]

Things I like {The 17th September 2014 edition}


Being home. Fancy hotels and time alone with your partner is VERY special, but there's no place like it. I feel more like me when we are all together than any other time. Freshly planted pots thanks to Mum who stayed on the weekend with the girls. THANK YOU MUM! All that new spring … [Read more...]

Frank the Tank


It's been, oh, say 2 or 3 years now of constant nagging. Asking. Pleading. Polite suggestions. Drawings. Craft.  Crying for. Requests for a dog. I have always known it was going to happen, just not sure when. I mean DOG. Mess. Poo. Chewing. Crying. Barking. CHEWING. POO. But then...DOG. Love. … [Read more...]

Qualia resort


On the last day of our weekend trip to the Whitsundays we decided to crash Styling You's romantic 10th wedding anniversary with a night staying in one of Australia's top resorts, Qualia. Given that we had been given 2 nights away we thought that we would fork out the cash for a once in a lifetime, … [Read more...]