BabyMac Book Club: Big Little Lies {the discussion}


I did it! I read the book. It was down to the line (I stayed up till past 11pm last night) but it's done. I read a book and it's not holidays and THAT my friends is an accomplishment that I am proud of. I hope those of you who were able to join in who have been struggling with reading (and life) are … [Read more...]

What I learnt at the 2014 Problogger Conference


Over the weekend I was up at the Gold Coast at the annual Problogger conference. This is the 5th conference they have held (I have been to the last 3) and it's a chance to learn from experienced international and local speakers, sit in on sessions to learn from beginners, right through to advanced … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Vegetarian

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Some times you just have to tap into your inner vegetarian and align yourself with the green. After a weekend of not such good food (and the occasional, um, drink) it's time to do that. Here are some great vego recipes for the week ahead: Rigatoni with zucchini, lemon & mint Raw mexican … [Read more...]


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You know what one of my favourite things in the WORLD is? Besides cutting into a freshly made Anne that is? Seeing pictures of freshly made Annes all around the world! Have a look at some of them: Have you made her yet? If not then you TOTALLY should and share in some of the joy that she is … [Read more...]

Bigger than BabyMac


It's funny, the one thing I have been told maybe 7 or 8 times over the past few days at this conference is about how TALL I am. Who knew I was tall? NOT ALL OF YOU IT SEEMS. Which is weird because I somehow feel like I have unintentionally tricked you guys. So I felt like if 8 or so people here were … [Read more...]

The unremarkable joy


I like to think I am a pretty positive person, always looking on the bright side and all that, I mostly do hop out of bed and get on with the day with enthusiasm so long as I've rolled a coffee. But inevitably the everyday minutia of day to day household running can bring even the brightest spark a … [Read more...]



I've headed up to the coast with the most for a few days for the annual Problogger conference. While the next few days will be a whirlwind of learning, meeting people, catching up with old friends, talking, socialising and having fun, today was a bit slower. A chance to relax, take a few breaths of … [Read more...]

Around the grounds: Late winter


It might be a little dreary outside (and most definitely still chilly) but there's still plenty to keep me interested out in the garden at the moment. The daphne is still flourishing, the roses pruned and ready to sprout. Iris bulbs are up as are the daffs and beloved tulips finally … [Read more...]



You know what's not quite but almost more annoying than coming up with something for dinner each and every single bloody night? Lunch! Although it can sometimes be good because it's only you to think about, and it can be grabbed and eaten in the car or on the go. And even though I love food, and I … [Read more...]

Long days, fast years


I was making Daisy's bed this morning, going about my business in a quick and efficient manner, the way that I do in a blur in the mornings...calling out deadlines for the TV off, breakfast to be eaten, spelling words to be done, when I pulled the doona tight, plumped the pillow and added in the … [Read more...]

What have you been watching?


Saturday night Rob and I (post football of course) decided to download a movie from Apple TV to watch. We had nowhere to be, a bottle of pinot that needed seeing to and there was NOTHING on TV. OITNB is also not delivering as we'd like it to a movie it was. We NEVER watch movies...only ever … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: Get your bake on

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Morning tea? Afternoon tea? Dessert? Here are some ideas to get your bake on this week: "Anne" (a cracking chocolate cake) Lemon sour cake Apple & rhubarb crumble Apple pikelets Remember that it will be spring soon enough, but while it's still wet and cold then time to keep the carb … [Read more...]

Sunday roast


I am hopeless. This weekend I checked the diary and saw that the weekend was free. And for most people that would be a chance to relax, read, get stuck into the garden and do, you know, nothing. For me though, I get itchy feet. I can't sit still. And while we had a day yesterday to do all of the … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous 53


This will take you 4 minutes to watch, but I'd love you to take a look. Rob put together a little movie montage of our holiday for the birthday boys and I have watched it approx 2378 times (it's private because of the music copyright business and this was just a little film for our family but I love … [Read more...]

High dinner rotation: Sausage pasta


You know how you have those dinners on your weekly or fortnightly rotation that just keep on getting a run? Well, this dinner is one of those. It's Daisy's favourite dinner...always it's "can we have sausage pasta Mum?" and I am happy to make it, it is DEAD simple, hides all kinds of things and will … [Read more...]

Things I like {The Birthday edition}


Birthday pressies can be a tricky business can they not? Whilst I love choosing them for others I am TERRIBLE at offering useful and meaningful birthday suggestions for myself. So I don't. Which and potentially lead to disappointment because I usually expect people to read my mind. What's with that? … [Read more...]

Hotel Hotel Canberra


It was Saturday morning when I was sitting at our dining room table tapping away on the laptop when Mum's face appeared at my front door in front of me. I was treated to a proper surprise (and I never get surprises) with an unexpected visit (with chocolate cake AND presents) and even better being … [Read more...]

New dining chairs: Oak windsor chairs


I had been unhappy with our dining chairs for some time (here's a post from this time last year). We got them when we moved here almost 4 years ago - a replica Eames they had to be put together by us and ever since the first time anyone sat in them, they creaked and squeaked, they dropped screws, … [Read more...]

Monday meal ideas: mid week dinners

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As sure as your kid will get sick when you go on holidays, every night this week someone will ask you "what's for dinner?". Here are some mid week meal ideas for you. Don't say I'm not helpful. Chicken Pot Pies Moroccan lamb wraps Fattoush salad Prawn & chilli linguine May the force … [Read more...]

Turning 37


"That Tracy needed to get her roots done". My Mum gave me this card yesterday and was in HYSTERICS as she gave it to me.Laughing till tears rolled down her cheeks relaying that she bought the card 12 months ago waiting desperately for my birthday a year later. It was worth the wait, I laughed … [Read more...]