You Crafty (Christmassy) Minx!

Are we sick of the Christmas posts yet? OF COURSE WE ARE! So, here’s another!

Thinking about your Christmas tablescape? Knew it! Is it keeping you awake at night? Wondering how you can match your Christmas crackers to the centrepiece? Thought so. NO ONE PANIC.

Got a Little Gem Magnolia in your garden? No? No need to worry, you can get the leaves from a florist for next to nothing. They are glossy. And green. With a brown under leaf. I’ve never seen a leaf that says Christmas like this one does.

Fold a leaf and make a wee snip. THUSLY. Do that each side of the stem. Go on! It’s fun!

Take some twine and weave that bastard through the snips like it’s nobodies business.

Do it again, because you can, and because it was fun.

Tie that twine around a napkin.

Whack that on your guests plates this Christmas and be prepared for the praise to come in. “Yes, yes I did make that myself. It’s just a little something that I came up with. Because I’m crafty like that.”

For other great Christmas ideas be sure to download the first edition of the iPad (android and phone to follow) Magazine BEVERLEY.

  • Averil

    I’m going to be getting my Christmas craft on tomorrow with the kids- eagerly awaiting Beverley on android and iPhone!

  • Vicki ShoppeGirls

    looking great you crafty clever mummy.

  • Nikki @ Styling You

    You’re too bloody clever for words x

  • Greer

    This will knock my mother-in-law’s socks off. Copying.

  • vancybec

    genius. never doubted your crafty abilities.

  • Diary of a jazz widow

    extremely crafty!!!

  • Nic

    That’s a really nice idea – and something even I couldn’t stuff up!

  • Sascha

    Love, love, love

  • Angels have Red Hair

    I love it… do you come up with all these fantastic ideas?

  • A little bit Country

    Oooohhhh I like this one – will add it to my “Hostess with the mostess” file. x

  • Mother Down Under

    Love that idea!
    And love your napkins!

  • Office Cleaning Brisbane

    wow that was very creative, I never thought such simple things around us can turned into something useful and beautiful, that’s what we call talent..heads up””

  • Za

    Love! Very clever. Will have to try this!