Christmas at Grandma’s: Dessert

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As I shared with you last time I’m sharing with you some great recipes from the Woolworths Christmas website filled with so many ideas for your lunch or dinner this Christmas.

It’s the traditions that come with Christmas which make it so special to me. Hearing a song or seeing a decoration from when I was little still being used today just fills my soul with happiness and now seeing my own girls doing the same things now, well it’s just the icing for me.

Traditions, methods, objects all being handed down through the generations.

My Mum Sue, was born in Kensington, Sydney in 1952.

She is an good person, right down to the bones in her little hooked toes. She is funny and passionate and is a wonderful cook and entertainer. She is a dedicated and loving wife, a wonderful Grandmother and the most beautiful Mother a girl could ever ask for. I love her more than she will ever, EVER know and am grateful that she is in my life, and a part of my family, every single day.

My maternal Grandmother was Beth. Huh.

She was a strong, determined woman. An excellent entertainer and cook who hosted many a fabulous dinner party here in Australia and abroad when she lived in Italy for a number of years with my Mum’s family. The memories I do have of her, was after she had suffered a stroke and was a grumpier shadow of her former self. She told me often, that I was a “devil child” but I still remember the taste of her delicious silky rice pudding served to me in a blue and white dish like it was yesterday.

Beth’s Mother was Daisy. Huh.

I don’t know much about her except that she lived in Brooklyn, on the Hawkesbury River and was a hard working mother of 4 kids – Jack, Ted, Beth and another Daisy.
Her Mother was Christina. And this is her plate.

Imagine the meals being served up on it? The dinners and desserts pulled together in good and tougher times, all made with love for her family. I LOVE that we can still use it at Christmas today, all these years. Love it.

We have a long standing joke in our family that whilst my Mum is an excellent cook, a baker she is not. Desserts at our family gatherings are always surprising and usually feature something that has been melted, and then reset. We’ve had dry cakes, upside down numbers, ice cream loafs and everything in between. You’ve got to hand it to Mum – she is consistently determined to give things a try.

This is another no-fuss simple recipe for Christmas Day – White Chocolate & Strawberry Pavlova. This and many more Christmas recipe ideas and inspiration can be found at Woolworths. It’s quick and easy to prepare thanks to the delicious pre made pav bases from Woollies and is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any family gathering this Christmas.

Served off her own Great Grandmother’s plate to her own Granddaughter Daisy on Christmas Day. I like it very much.

Grab the recipe here and have a very Merry Christmas!

  • Miss T


  • Cat

    I love family history “stories” so much and what a lovely glimpse into yours! All these women who made you who you are and in turn your girls too. Awesome stuff. And my mum is not a baker either. I had no idea you could “make” a pavlova rather than buy one til I was well into my teens. My Bako makes the most divine traditional cakes so I wasn’t totally deprived growing up x

  • Angels have Red Hair

    One word….YUM!

  • Faux Fuchsia

    I love my Grandparent’s parent’s old plates too.

    We always have a pav at Christmas as well.

    • BabyMac

      It would be un Australian not to right?

  • Mother Down Under

    Love the little peek into your family history…and that plate!

  • Mimsie

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful ladies with us. The recipe sounds delicious but I will just enjoy the pictures and imagine you enjoying the feast you are sure to have.

  • Carly Findlay

    I have a lot of plates on display in my kitchen. I have one of my grandparents’ plates near my stove.
    Lovely post Beth

    • BabyMac

      Thanks Carly!

  • Nikki @ Styling You

    Oh, Beth … this story is so incredibly special … the history of Beverley was written long before you were born x

  • Maryandlil

    I love traditions being passed down, so special. That pav looks sinful!!!!

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