Presenting the fly


Anyone fancy heading over to New Zealand this week? For 5 nights? Without the kids? For a spot of fishing? ME TOO. Let’s go then.

Rob and I are {very very VERY} lucky enough to be heading over to a fancy lodge just near Queenstown with Rob’s Dad and Step Mum for 5 nights this week leaving first thing Tuesday morning. Rob’s Dad is a passionate and keen fisherman. He has spent his life being lucky enough to travel the world fishing some pretty fabulous spots. He’s taken his son’s with him and over the past 7 years or so has fallen head over heels in love with fly fishing. Rob has separately fallen in love with fly fishing too. For the past 2 years he spends 4 or 5 nights at “man week” which is him and about 8 of his mates fishing and camping down in the Snowy Mountains of NSW.

Earlier this year you might remember that Rob and I took the girls to a special little cabin in the Snowies to see just what the fuss was all about. I fell in LOVE with the place. The scenery. The space. The countryside. And the fishing. I was no good at the fishing, but I knew with some practice I would.

I’m SO excited about this trip for so many different reasons. Of course, because it’s a trip! On a plane! And without kids! But it’s more than that. Some time with my beautiful in laws without being interrupted by my daughter’s every 2.3 seconds. Learning something new. COMPLETELY new. That I will be hopeless at. That I will have to concentrate on. And practice at. And fail at. It’s good to do something new to get you out of your comfort zone. And I’ve never been in New Zealand before so I’m really excited to be there.

And it looks pretty FANCY too. I like me some fancy. Who doesn’t? I suppose I can have a drink here of an evening. IF I HAVE TO. At least I’ll look like I’m having a better time than this bloke. Sheesh.

Yeah. Alright.

So. Who’s coming? I’ll be sure to eat, drink and fish for you. Take a walk at 3pm when I would normally be doing School pick up, and have a bath during the feral hour of 5-6pm. I promise to eat the shit out of the fancy dinners and catch a fish.

And before you tell me. I know. I am the luckiest MOFO lady in the world. I know.

  • Carly Findlay

    How fun! I hope you’re flying air new Zealand :) they’re the best! Looking forward to your updates!

  • Corinne – Daze of My Life

    Sensational!!! I’ve never been to NZ (despite working for Air NZ for three years) and I’d love to go. Sounds like a slice of heaven (pardon the Dave Dobbyn mention).

    Have a glass or 20 of Pinot noir for me and have a brilliant time. Can’t wait to read about it. X

    • boomerang jane

      That’s a little bit sad, isn’t it Corinne, that you could work for Air NZ for so long and not get an opportunity to visit. Almost as sad as me working for the New Zealand High Commission and also never stepped foot in NZL (just transiting through the airport only). Lol.

  • High Country Gourmet

    Me please. I’ll come with you. Thanks for asking. Make sure I’ve got a nice room.

  • mamatribe

    oh have the best time! We got back from South Island of NZ a few weeks ago. Amazing place. Every view is like a postcard. The water…. OMG.. the colour of the waters you will see. Just so clear and cold and perfect.

    Have a Fergburger for me in Queenstown. I have NFI why the blue-cheese sauce on a burger delight has not taken off here in Aus. We’ve certainly embraced it here in our kitchen since we got back.

    Have a great trip.

  • Miss Kitty-Cat

    Eat at Ferg Burger and Botswana Butchery. Very very good food.

    K xx

  • daddownunder

    Enjoy the fishing I hope you get to eat the shit out of one. I don’t want to see any atmospheric shots of you with rod in hand ; )

  • A little bit Country

    Have a wonderful time – Queenstown is amazing as is the South Island. Enjoy!!!

  • Dan_Sally

    I think this is totally your golden year!

    • BabyMac

      It sure has been!

  • Palaeontologist Mum with Babies

    Have a great time. The South Island is beautiful. Has rob’s dad been fishing in Patagonia? We have the best lakes and people come from all over to fish here very close to where we are living. We actually have a little stream that runs through our house that my mum uses to water her garden and at times it has little baby trout that get stuck there. Enjoy your holiday it will be great. Speaking of Patagonia you must try Patagonia ice cream in queens town, it’s lovely! Take care Beth

  • tahlia @ the parenting files

    Ill come!!! that little cabin on the wear looks so peaceful and tranquil! enjoy xx

  • Emma R

    Wow, that sounds like perfection!! Enjoy! Really enjoying your blog having discovered it a couple of months ago :)

  • Sarah Jane – lollymixedbag

    New Zealand South Island is one of my favourite places. So beautiful! 5 nights childfree. I’m jealous.

  • Alex

    Always love your holiday snaps Beth! Looking forward to vicariously enjoying all the eating, drinking and fishing.

  • Jay

    Oh, you’re gonna LOVE Queenstown! We get to go to Wanaka visiting John’s parents every 2 years – bootiful. And yep, like Miss Kitty Cat says, you’ve got to have a fergburger – World Famous! We’re off in December – can’t wait. Have the best time xo

  • Lisa

    Oh, New Zealand is the best! I am a born and bred kiwi living in Australia. Queenstown is amazing, you will LOVE it. Enjoy your wonderful kid-free time away, I am sure you will miss them terribly though! x

    • Restyled Vintage

      Same here Lisa :)

  • jody

    You will love it. Try Amisfield Winery for lunch – or the new restaurant in Queenstown called Rata. They have iceberg as a side…just saying – and an amazing small bites dessert with a selection of mofo treats.

  • What Sarah Did Next

    Oh, Beth!! You’re heading off to MY neck of the woods – and where my brother and his wife still live, in Lake Hayes (just out of Queenstown). I guarantee you will fall in love with the scenery and the gorgeous locals. If you have time, take a drive to Arrowtown and have a walk around. There’s a cafe there called Provisions. They make the world’s BEST sticky bun. Seriously, they are TO DIE FOR.

    Queenstown is made for photographing – you will LOVE it!


  • Maryandlil

    I love NZ! It’s the land of everything x