A Summer’s Eve

Edited to add 12.50pm: Plenty of requests for the recipe so have whacked it in below, and also on my Facebook page.Last night we had our first dinner outside for the Summer. We got home from ballet, the kids were feral and tired, so we headed outside to let the last bit of the day soothe us all. My … [Read more...]

Magshop Christmas Competition

A sponsored post for Magshop I will admit to a magazine problem. The problem is all mine. Fed by me. Maintained by me. And LOVED by me. I am subscribed to about 5 different ones (2 of which were Christmas presents given to me last year by my family), and Rob to about 2 or 3. There’s something to be … [Read more...]

BEVERLEY: A Very Beverley Christmas

When I was over in New York for Blogher this year I sat in on a Keynote Speech delivered by Martha Stewart and listened to her talking passionately about digital publishing. About how she is very focused now on producing content for iPads and in digital formats, because that is the direction and the … [Read more...]

Solving the Big Issues: The PCL

Alternate title: Ways in which I am cray cray crazy, quick make me feel better by sharing, go on!You know that slight feeling of "hmmm. I better rectify this. And soon". It's a tinge of something. Not panic, certainly not, but it's discomfort, it's a niggle, and it's something you can usually fix, … [Read more...]


We have been telling Harper that when she goes to Preschool next year, that she needs to be in her knick knack paddy whacks (our word for undies) and out of nappies, like a big girl. I was lazy with Harper's toilet training. It's cold here. The washing and washing and washing that goes with it is … [Read more...]

Blanket Bay Lodge New Zealand

I've never stayed somewhere like this before. I'm not sure I ever will again. It's been quite something else. Seriously grown up. I think it's up there in one of the best lodges in the world. And it's no wonder really - it has surpassed any expectations. And you know I would have had quite a few - I … [Read more...]

New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure: Day 5

I've just sat down to trot out a blog post after another full day's fishing. I'm sitting here, listening to some music, in our ridiculous room, looking at a view with chubby tears falling down my cheeks. I just spoke with my sister who is minding the girls - who are happy and content and well looked … [Read more...]

New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure: Day 4

I'm like a kid on this holiday. Between the extraordinary accommodation - the best I have ever had the pleasure of staying in - to the scenery to the SNOW ON THE MOUNTAINS - the service, the FISHING, the helicopters, the wine, the FISHING, I've been quite beside myself.This morning we went on … [Read more...]

New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure: Day 3

Today was a real thrill for me. These entire days spent outside, in the elements and the fresh air, away from my laptop or anyone else has been such a shift, and just plain wonderful. We waded up and waited for....a helicopter to the Greenstone River where we were fishing. I'd never been in a … [Read more...]


A sponsored post for GOThatOver the past year I’ve had my eyes opened up to the world of fundraising. With the School of Arts in the Village where I’m on the committee we have to raise $20,000 every year just to keep the place open for the community to use. It’s a big task asking the same small pool … [Read more...]

New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure: Day 2

This trip was always all about the fly fishing and today we had Day 1. It was about refreshing everyone's mind's and about teaching me from scratch. We headed off at 8.30am. We have two guides - one for each couple and we will mix up partners each day. You see a river? You stop and look down to … [Read more...]

New Zealand Fly Fishing Adventure: Day 1

When we flew into Queenstown and I kept saying "Oh my GOD Rob! LOOK AT THAT! No! LOOK AT THOSE MOUNTAINS!" I knew we were in for a treat. What a place! Seriously. Beautiful.We landed and headed around the lake to our lodge and I spent the entire time asking people to stop. So I could take a picture. … [Read more...]

Presenting the fly

You GUYS.Anyone fancy heading over to New Zealand this week? For 5 nights? Without the kids? For a spot of fishing? ME TOO. Let's go then.Rob and I are {very very VERY} lucky enough to be heading over to a fancy lodge just near Queenstown with Rob's Dad and Step Mum for 5 nights this week leaving … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Broad bean & pesto pasta

In theory I should have an amazing kitchen garden. It should be filled with veggies and herbs and different rare lettuces that I use in my cooking each day. But I don't. It's on my to do list, but we are not there yet. Same with chooks. One day. So when my Neighbour had a surplus of broad beans and … [Read more...]

Morning at the Fair

We had a big morning out at a local School fair doing all the things that you do.Watching bigger kids go on rides and have fun.Getting faces painted.Looking at baby animals.People watching.These three were particularly cute.Eating ice cream.And playing with new Dolly Varden's. Is that what they are … [Read more...]

Friday night’s ALRIGHT

As much as yesterday was shit house to the power of 3000, today has been better. Mostly to do with my outlook. Huh! And a better night's sleep. Bad sleep with kids only responding to their mothers in the night and waking after just 40 minutes respite makes the world a bad place. The end.Rob is up in … [Read more...]


I was reminded again about Community. About women. About age. And new friendships. About hard work. About the game of Bridge. About bread not working with my guts. And again, how glad I am that we are a part of this all. … [Read more...]

The perfect storm

You know how some days it just takes the stars to align for a really great day? A good amount of sleep, happy kids, relaxed state of mind, good company. Some days you jag it, if you tried to plan it, it wouldn't work, but it just does. The perfect day.And then other days? The stars align, but not in … [Read more...]

A day at the country {Picnic} races

I have a salubrious career with country picnic races. Not. Thanks to going attending a Catholic all girls High School most of my best friends were country girls. Spread throughout NSW from down south to the north west I attended plenty of picnic races, country parties and later, B & S balls. In true … [Read more...]

Just call me Bev: Fat mole salad


In my quest to stop shovelling piece after piece of white bread into my mouth I've been embracing the salad with gusto. If I am going to eat a salad DEAR LORD it better be tastier than some tomato and cucumber. I went to Harris Farm on Monday morning and stocked up on tasty salad goods. Some rocket, … [Read more...]