Country road, take me home

Later today we are headed to my favourite place ever…Rob’s Dad’s farm up on the mid north coast. Those that have been reading me for a while know just how much I love it there. It’s truly beautiful. The girls adore it. It will be warmer than here. We are always so well looked after. It’s where Rob and I were married. It’s where we were when we found out I was knocked up with Daisy. It’s even where we might have gotten knocked up with Harper. It’s pretty special to our family.

There are go’s on the big ride on.

There’s fishing.

There’s some croquet. And always sensational sunsets.

And always a drink or two.

And I haven’t been there before knowing how to properly use my camera. I can’t wait to get some manual action on!

There’s always delicious food.

And we hardly see the kids the entire time. So much to do!

And we might just get a swim in as well.

And there will be one little Birthday party for a certain 3 year old on Saturday.

I just about can’t wait!

  • Kim Bibby

    Enjoy lovely – it looks like absolute bliss!
    Kimmi B x

  • Melissa Gasson

    Looks amazing..and so relaxing! Enjoy!

  • Vicki ShoppeGirls

    Wow what a wonderful place. Have a lovely time.
    Vicki x

  • [Good Mum Hunting]


    Have fun and drive safely xx

  • kim at allconsuming

    Pensive Harper!

  • Lipgloss Mumma

    Looks like am amazing, peaceful place. Enjoy Beth & family x

  • vancybec

    that place looks like HEAVEN, i wish i was going.

  • Amelia {Weddings, Babies… Everything}

    Can’t wait to see some manual action from the farm! xx

  • Kris

    Are you kidding me with that pool??!! Thud.

  • Cybele @ BlahBlah

    Yay! Happy holidays to the Baby Mac Family x

  • KK

    WOW – forget how beautiful it is!!! Have an amazing time. Very jelly. x

  • KK

    PS- HOW IS HARPER 3??? Means I’m coming up to my 3 year anniversary in OZ!!!! Still remember you coming over to drop Daisy off for me to babysit and also meeting this teeny weeny 2 week old baby!!! WOWSERS!!! x

  • Traci

    Perfection, enjoy honey tx

  • Reannon Hope

    How beautiful !
    I’m wondering where on the mid north coast it is because I grew up in Forster (on the mid north coast) & just came back from a visit over there. Nowhere else in Australia are the beaches as beautiful as they are there. Sometimes I think I miss the beaches more than my family ( don’t tell them ok?)
    Have fun & enjoy the relaxation xx

    • Jess Myheartisyourhome

      My goodness, I was just reading through the comments to see if there is a mention of where this is because I, too, grew up in Forster!

  • little bubalishka

    Beautiful! Looks like paradise! x

  • Miss-B

    Oh my. That property. Why am I contemplating not getting an infinity pool … I’m SOLD.

  • Deb

    we just had a week up that way near taree. pure bliss. I’d move there in a heartbeat.


  • Diary of a jazz widow

    Just awesome. What a great place for the kids to remember about their grandparents when they grow up…..

  • Donna

    The mid north coast is where I grew up, and my parents still live so I know what you mean about it being paradise. Enjoy x

  • ❦❧Judi❦❧

    Beautiful photography!

  • Mama of 2 boys

    Lovely! Hope you have a wonderful time lady, though it already sounds like you’ve got it all sorted to do just that xo

  • Crazy Crunchy Chocolate Mummy

    That looks like an amazing place! Have fun. :-)

  • Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock

    Can’t wait to see your photos.
    ENJOY the break.

  • Christine

    Looks and sounds to be absolute bliss – savour every precious moment no doubt!