Saturday: Sunday

Saturday we
: Tried to stay warm
: Had a lazy morning
: Watched Nemo in 3D
: Cleaned up vomit in the car. And the movies
: Cursed this sickness that Harper has at the moment
: Welcomed Grandparents in for a visit

Sunday we
: Celebrated Fathers Day
: Went out for lunch
: Sat in the late afternoon sun and drank in the sunshine (and beer!)
: Cursed an ear ache that Harper managed to get
: Played with Grandma
: Sat by the fire
: Went to bed early

  • LionessLady

    Your dad and my dad…hat wearing twins!

  • Nikki @ Styling You

    How cool is grandma? I’m so sorry Harper’s been so sick. xx

  • Mimsie

    Thanks for sharing all of the above….the good and the not so good. You have a quite wonderful life. xx

  • Elizabeth Gilmore

    Sounds like an eventful weekend!

  • Faux Fuchsia

    is that a photina hedge?

    ear ache is the work of the Devil. x

    • BabyMac

      It sure is! Pretty thing. And yes. Revolting.

  • simmo

    Love those photos of Milt xoxox

  • Redcliffe Style

    Sounds like a great day. I love the photos. Rachel x

  • Mama of 2 boys

    Beautiful photos lady. Sounds like a semi-lovely weekend. I know how you feel, things are just never as shiny when one of the littlies are sick. Felix has been off-colour for a few days now also. It’s very draining and stressful… especially at night. Hope wee Harper is back to full strength again soon xoxo

  • Something Gorgeous

    Sorry your little one has been so unwell. Beautiful photos though. xToni