Mrs Munro’s hot suggestions

My friend Mrs Munro came over for dinner last night and because she is a lady when she asked what she could bring it took me approximately 3.4 seconds before I replied “Your fancy hot olives, YOUR FANCY HOT OLIVES!”. They are that good.

If you fancy an olive with a drink (which I often find I do) take a container of Sicilian olives and kalamata olives & drain. Chop up garlic finely and into a saucepan throw in some olive oil, the garlic and a whole heap of fennel seeds then whack those olives in. Warm them, coat them, stir and toss them in that oil then serve in a bowl.


You know what else she did? These.

I didn’t get the exact recipe but they were dates split, with a little Gorgonzola inside…warmed UP. Then she had a warm honey vinaigrette (so I guess some honey & red wine vinegar or something similar?) that she drizzled over their back. Yuh. HUH.

We rolled all this with a glass or two of Moet…went down a dream.


  • Traci

    This is amazing.

  • Amanda Applecakes

    Dammit. Wish I liked Olives.

  • Stephanie

    My mouth is watering just looking at these! Those olives are amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Olives, Dates , Gorgonzola and Moet = all food groups taken care of

  • Ellie

    We do those dates at our traditional Christmas Eve anitpasto. They are gawjus.

  • Claire Chadwick @ Scissors Paper Rock

    Shit, these look good.
    It’s 8pm, we’ve already had dinner and cleaned up {we eat early…..due to kids!}. But I’m tempted to whip up some hot olives!
    YUMMMMMMMMMM! Pity I don’t have a bottle of Moet on hand to wash em down with :)

  • Deb

    no no no and so no. Olives are the work of the devil. I cannot concur. AT ALL.

    they are making me gag just looking at them.

    Having said that, I am pregnant, so anything at the moment is yucksville.

    actually…. even if I was not preggers, it would be a big fat NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    But you do make them *sound* kinda delicious. your fancy with your words like that.

  • robyn

    Those dates! Oh my!

  • Faux Fuchsia

    Mr FF makes fancy hot olives. For he is Italian, and that’s how they roll.

    Those dates look KILLER. Must rustle some up.

  • Jay – The Moodie Foodie

    I love those dates! I’m so making them on the weekend

  • Jessica Flett

    ohhhh…I LOVE Olives…Will be giving these a go for sure…Thanks to you and Mrs Munro for sharing! Jx

  • alison

    You have the bestest friends ever!

  • Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky

    Making these tonight, along with some grilled haloumi with watermelon, basil and mint. Starter = done.