Me and my friend Harper hang out together all day, every day. Whilst some most days she drives me positively nutty, almost all of the time her chatter, singing and playing alone are the sweetest sound I ever did hear. I know that all too soon she will be off, on her way and that’s why I am soaking up these days.

Just me and her. Her and me.

  • Tegan @ Style Chic

    What a Cutie Patootie she is!

  • Kimmie


  • Lisa – Sweet Little Pretties


  • Alli @ Ducks on the Dam

    Awwww. Sometimes in the chaos that is our lives we forget to just slow down and enjoy our nutty, annoying, demanding children – and we forget that one day we will not be able to spend that time with them. Well done you for documenting. Gorgeous pics too. Perhaps you too have a child for whom “my life is a musical”. I had one of those.

  • Nicole

    She’s SUCH a mini-you!

    She is beautiful xx

  • Averil

    I’ve always said the same thing about my kids- they’re my sidekicks too. I still treasure each day that I have at home with the younger two. Just have to remind myself of that at 5 o’clock some afternoons when it’s witching hour!!

  • Cherie @ ‘a baby called Max’

    What a stunning series of photos to compliment a stunning series of words :)

    So … baby #3 then? ;)

    • Jgee

      Total stalker-ville on my part, Cherie, but I can’t see/access your blog anymore, and I miss it! Total respect if you’ve put privacy functions on but if not, I’d love to keep reading.,,

  • Carly Findlay

    :) lovely bundle of pink joy

  • Elisa {with grace and eve}

    What a cutie!!
    I know what you mean – trying to soak up my baby seven months, and wishing I had spent more time soaking up little miss two when she was that age instead of all the doing and going places… xx

  • Tales of a Tai Tai

    You’ve been honing those photography skills lady. Photos are tres bien!! As is that peach Harper xx

  • Leanne @ Uber Simplicity

    Gorgeous photography of a very beautiful little girl x

  • Deb

    I see your 2 y.o is the same as my 2 y.o… fully into dancing at the moment. We can’t leave the house without her having her “beena”(ballerina). Just gorgeous.

  • vancybec

    She is gorge that Harps!!

  • vancybec

    She is gorge that Harps!!

  • Mother Down Under

    Gorgeous photos! I love the trackie dacks under the ballerina dress! My kind of girl!

  • jody

    So pretty Harps! Love the photos Beth! xx

  • Tahnee

    these photos are so precious beth, what a gorgeous little subject. you have nailed the light! x

  • Mama of 2 boys

    Oh lordy lady, that second shot is perfection! Harper is such a gorgeous little princess. That one-on-one time is so priceless isn’t it? Kind of makes you feel that pang of sadness to know the baby is not a baby anymore. I feel it with Felix also xo

  • Jayne

    She is utterly beautiful !! Sophie has the same ride on ladybird !!

  • kim at allconsuming

    And the sleeping?