Colours of my Friday

There’s white light streaming through my windows that I painstakingly cleaned yesterday. Clean windows make this Mama happy.

There’s all the colours of the rainbow on my kitchen bench from my rambling garden outside and the spilling over fruit bowl from the shopping this morning. Stocked cupboards and fresh flowers from my garden also make this Mama happy.

There’s red from the photinia hedge out the front which looks so lovely against the green grass that is growing before our eyes. And some red from the Dahlia’s just picked up from the fruit shop.

Pillows have been plumped up, beds made, fridge stocked with booze and food and the house cleaned. Which means one thing right? Visitors! My little sister and her husband (yes, the chef) and my surrogate sister are coming down for a few nights. We shall eat, drink, natter, eat, drink in the sunshine, play with the kids, laugh, sit by the fire pit and eat and drink. It shall be quite marvellous and I just about can’t wait! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  • Something Gorgeous

    Your home looks beautiful. Love all the fresh flowers. Enjoy your weekend with family and friends. x

  • [Good Mum Hunting]

    Bev, your house looks amazing.

    This weekend? The sunshine is out and we are heading to the beach house… Time for sun, sand, surf and bbqs… BLISS!!!

  • tessa

    you have a gorgeous home!

  • Lizeylou

    Your house is seriously cool.
    And your weekend is going to be lots of fun – ENJOY!

  • Lisa H

    Ditto what everyone else said… your home is gorgeous!

    Enjoy the weekend with your sister.

  • Maryandlil

    have a great weekend honey! My wine is chilling and I can’t wait! enjoy!

  • Milina

    Loving the colours, and this is the best photinia hedge I’ve seen. We’re on the hunt for some good border plantings, and your’s looks great!
    Happy weekend!

  • Traci


  • Kel

    Your house is amazing! I’ll be sure to show the husband when I get home and demand he create space and light in our house, like that – and I’m sure it’ll be prefectly achievable in a weekend ;-)

    Have a fab weekend!

  • Jen R

    Please come and clean my windows!! Have a fab weekend xx

  • Glamour Drops

    Isn’t it amazing how much pleasure vases of flowers can bring to a room? Yours look gorgeous -especially the ones in the blue stripey jug. Enjoy your visitors!

  • Anna @ green tea n toast

    Your house is ridiculously amazing! Totally jealous! Hope you have a gorgeous weekend in your gorgeous home.

  • kelly

    for years ive told my husband…”you want the house clean?…tell me we have visitors coming over”…hope you have a beautiful weekend Beth. x

  • jody

    Beth, your home is truly beautiful. Nothing better than clean windows, fresh flowers and a full fridge! Enjoy the weekend love. xx

  • Bree

    Love the mirror over the mantle
    And can you ask for the millionaire’s shortbread recipe? :)

  • Rhonda

    your house looks beautiful. i now feel even worse about my own house.

  • Mum on the Run

    I’m happy by osmosis – thank you.
    :-) x

  • kelley @ magnetoboldtoo

    I adore pops of bright unexpected colour.

    I wish I had a guest room to decorate, it seems that Boo just extends his hold over the house and now claimed his sisters room as his own, perhaps I should come and stay in yours?

  • Casey Staar

    I love your house

  • Mama of 2 boys

    I never tire of pics like these and your beautiful home lady, such a happy place. The red dahlias are just about perfect, in every way xo