Shit Bloggers Say

Cause we do. Right? Follow on twitter here.

And BTW? How clever is my husband for putting this together for us! I really owe him a blozza this time…

  • Jane

    Shut. The fuck. Up. This is gold. xxx

  • Amy

    Loved it!

  • Amelia

    Fucking BRILLIANT!!!!!
    Totes posting a link to this on FB.


    be nice, make it two blozzas…

  • Miss Mandy

    Love it, linked it. My husband says I owe him shit loads, I don’t know if I’ll every pay up. Does that make me a bad wife!

  • Cherie @ ‘a baby called Max’

    You no longer need to construct any form of e-mail.

    Because this hit the fucking spot.

    Merci beaucoup Beth & Rob!

    Brilliance xx

  • Sannah

    Absolutely L.O.V.E I.T!!!

  • Cherie @ ‘a baby called Max’

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  • Redcliffe Style

    Fantastic! You are very clever ladies and one clever man. Thanks for sharing. Rachel xx

  • Jen R

    Pure bloody gold…so clever YAY!!

  • Shelley @ My Shoebox Life

    When are the Blogging Academy Awards? I’m so nominating this. Of course it’ll be a popularity vote….go on, click this link and vote…you know you want to!

  • [Good Mum Hunting]

    Best thing I’ve seen in a LONG time.

    Thank you x 1000


  • Raine and Sage


  • Raine and Sage

    PS – well done Daddy Mac (Rob).

  • Anna @ green tea n toast

    Love it. Well done to you guys. When is the second one coming out?

  • Daisy, Roo and Two

    Haha! Only one thing was missing, and that was: “LOVE IT!”
    But I do, you know, Love it!
    Well done girls and well done Rob!

  • LINDA from OEKE

    (-: x 531,671 + 1 !!!

    too funny

  • Pip

    I loved this!! You guys are rad.

  • Dee

    This is very, very cool !

  • Veggie Mama

    Haha lucky Rob!

  • Wendy Bernstein

    Genius. Heard ‘em all. Well and truly worth the wait!

  • ::The Beetle Shack::

    ahagggaa awesome.

    why wasn’t i invited to that? ;)


  • Ingrid


  • Amba @ Team Mummy

    So true!

  • Mon Alisa Design

    Ah sweets, that just made my day. x

  • Corinne – Daze of My Life

    Clever ladies. Clever Rob. Love.

  • Teresa

    Very funny!

  • Lizeylou

    Best giggle I have had in ages!!


    pure gold beth! what a clever hubby you’ve got.

  • Down that Little Lane


  • Posie Patchwork

    Tee hee, oh the threat to shut the blog down, that needs to be added to Mrs Woogs list of ‘way to get comments on a post’!!
    Blogs are now weapons, hilarious. Clever husband, love Posie

  • edenland

    You know what, Beth? About three years ago, just a bit into my blogging career … I decided that one day, I should hold my own blogging awards. Of course I never got around to it .. but you know what I was going to CALL my said fictitious blogging awards?

    Something unique … something Australian, with a play on words between “Oz” and “Blog.”

    The Blozzas.

    Like a Logie … “I won a Blozza!”

    I am so, so, so very fucking glad I did not go ahead with my blogging award plan. Laughing. Stock.


    PS Serious props and thanks to Rob for editing this.

  • Nik

    I think I actually just wet my pants…. (hey, maybe that should go in the next version of the vid?!)

    Seriously though, I am guilty of some of these. I’m a walking cliche. And I’m not even Australian… :b

  • Good Golly Miss Holly!

    I got in trouble over dinner last night for saying “Shut the fuck up” just like you did in that video! Bahahaha x

  • Girl in Baggy Greens

    LMAO. Love it.