BabyMac Chicken noodle soup

I bet there a million diets/health kicks/detox’s starting today right? I know I am going to force my 3 kilo heavier body up a mountain, try not to eat bread and stay off the booze for a few days. It actually started yesterday – I find it best to pick a random day, a random month and just go for it. I remember watching Nigella a few years ago now and in one of her shows she talked about “Temple Food” which is stuff she cooks when she is hung over, or trying to feel better about herself. After a month of pure indulgence I decided that yesterday our family could all do with some Temple Food. First on the list whenever we want this or whenever anyone is feeling a little woozy? My chicken noodle soup of course!

Beth’s Chicken Noodle Soup
: 2 chicken breasts
: Half bunch shallots
: Half bunch coriander
: 2 grated garlic cloves (if you have a cold double this)
: Knob of fresh ginger
: Stick of lemongrass
: 2 red chillis
: Noodles
: 1 litre chicken stock
: Decent splash of soy sauce
: Couple drops of sesame oil

: Chop your shallots and coriander and set aside

: Grate the garlic & ginger
: Remove woody outer bits of lemongrass & chop
: Chop red chili’s removing seeds

: Chop chicken into 2cm chunks

: Into a large pot add the chicken stock and throw in all the chopped ginger, garlic & lemongrass. I left the red chilli aside as the kids can’t quite take it…yet.

: After a minute or so add almost all the shallots & coriander leaving some aside for presentation

: Just as the soup starts to bubble add the raw chicken pieces in to poach (this will only take a few minutes). Then throw in the noodles at the end as they only need a minute at most.

: Tong the noodles into the bowls then ladle in the soup on top making sure everyone gets a little bit of everything. I go heavy on the noodles & chicken for my 2 year old and then heavy on the soup for my 4 year old because it’s her favourite.

: Top with shallots, coriander and for the adults chilli – lots of chilli. Slurp & enjoy!

: After 10 or so minutes of peace & quiet because everyone has demolished their dinner it will look a little like this.

: Don’t you love the mess a 2 year old can make? The wiping up off the floor is my least favourite part of meal time.

This soup is guaranteed to make you feel better. Slurping that hot garlicky, gingery soup warms the cockles of the coldest heart. Promise. And for all of you out there attempting a health kick – good luck! Be kind to yourself, be realistic, be proud and in any case…just do it!

  • Sascha

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. This is what we’ll be feasting on tonight, it looks amazing. I’ve got to start cooking more meals that both parents and kids can eat. Perfect. Thank you.

  • Eleanor

    oh, and did I mention: YUM?
    And I’m with you on the clean up. Makes slaving away to provide a delicious meal almost not worth it.

  • Mrs Woog

    And that is dinner done for tonight! Thanks Bev xxx

  • Amelia

    Yessss. I flippin’ love your recipes!!!!! Dinner is done for tonight, baby.

  • Julia

    What a delicious soup! Thanks for sharing and for your sage advice. Love this post. x

  • Megan

    This looks absolutely delish!

  • Mili O

    Mmm yum! Anything with coriander gets my tick.
    Yeah, clean up’s a bitch!

  • 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle

    Yumbo. And the best bit – I can find all of the ingredients here in Qatar! That one’s going in the recipe book.

  • Jen R

    Bev strikes again…love me some temple food and can so relate the mess…the 9yr old still makes it every meal!!

  • A Year of Commitment

    This looks delicious! I hate the cleaning up afterwards too… but (this is a really bad thing to admit in public) we got a dog. A lovely, friendly little Jack Russell terrier who is great with our daughter AND comes with the added bonus of being a vacuum cleaner – no matter what goes down there during meal time, thanks to a messy 3 year old, the floor is always spotless. Just an idea…

  • vancybec

    lady, you know i am a sucker for a good soup recipe, and you KNOW i will be having this for dinner tonight. my mouth is watering just thinking about it. yum!

  • edenland

    I am going to make this and when I eat it I’m going to fucking annihilate it.

  • Down that Little Lane

    Love it, always have chicken in freezer .. off to get it our as always have the others bits in pantry.. hmm except noodles.. hi ho , hi ho, its off to the shops I go….

  • kelly

    We have two extras for dinner tonight Beth so I’ll be feeding 9 people, and this is what I’ll be making..thanks heaps, was wondering what I was going to whip up..p.s my healthy eating and no alcohol started today…lol…you must be psychic :-))))

  • Tamara

    Wow! Looks great I will try this out sometime! Thanks for the recipe looks just fabulous!

  • Sascha

    I can confirm to everyone that this is delicious. I just made up a pot and it went down a treat. This will now be a regular for us. Cheap, quick, healthy and oh so tasty. Perfect, thanks Beth.

  • Miss Mandy

    OMG so making that. looks delish.

  • Coal Valley View

    Oh that looks sooo good! And I’m coveting your easy clean floorboards. I’m currently stuck with carpet in the caravan and it is hideous to clean :-) thanks for sharing the recipe. Mel x

  • Michele


  • jody

    Oh I am so making this tomorrow. Thanks Beth, your the best. x

  • Jane

    I’ve been on the search for a good chicken soup recipe. THANK YOU. Definitely going to make this xxx

  • formymadeline

    Made it – it was fantastic! Event my 2 year old ate some. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nicky Singh

    Great Soup,Love It! So simple & very tasty.

    Nicky Singh

  • Duyvken

    So funny, Beth, made something similar for dinner here tonight and posted the recipe :-)

  • Naomi Ellis

    Tasted awesome Beth and just what I felt like with this horrible head cold. N x

  • alison@thisbloominglife

    After last night’s success, I’ve got a pot on the stove now. Smells great and just to boast, my own lemon grass, garlic, chilli and coriander! Have a fun weekend with your bestie, maybe you’ll need a pot of some temple food on Monday!

  • Julietta Jameson

    Just came looking for this again! Staying with my sis and her hubby. Both got the lurgy. Gonna give them Beth’s Patented Medicinal Chicken Noodle Penicillin! xx

  • Jenelle

    Yep I just came looking for this one again too, I feel depressed and this nourishing soup should fix me right up!

  • Lisa laird

    Dazzled the family last night – and yes, the kids did love it! Told me it was very “master chef” which is their version of high praise indeed. Now I have another one of those quick recipes I can carry around in my head next time I need a quickie (dinner, that is ;) ).

  • B

    Right, I am putting this on my list of things to make this week. You had me at Nigella. Cheers Bev.

  • Michele

    when do you add the soy and sesame oil?

  • bmbr

    I have a cold.. so this is my go to meal.

    Same as Michele… when do you add the soy and sesame oil? At the end?

    • BabyMac

      Sorry about the late reply ladies…add the soy & sesame oil to the stock with the ginger/garlic/chill mix at the start…sorry!

  • Jessica Flett

    Hi Beth – in honour of your Birthday today (17/8/12) I’m going to make this for dinner tonight. I am battling a bug this week so it will be perfect and just what I feel like. Yummy!!! Jx

  • Cattle and Cushions

    Looks divine, one recipe I will try.

    Get back to you with results!

  • Sarah Jane – lollymixedbag

    Yum. Making that one very soon. Yes picking a random time to care for ones self is good. Having just stepped out of Octsober, I feel great. It will all be ruined by the next couple of months festive season but at least I’ll be just back where I started ; )

  • Leah

    Made this tonight. Delish! Did you forget to mention when to put in the soy and oil?

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