Saturday: Sunday

Saturday I

: Woke with a hangover and immediately took 2 panadol to deal with the killer headache
: Promptly threw up
: Swore
: Went to bake scones and realised I had no Self raising flour
: Swore
: Drove to nearest town to find flour but all was shut
: Swore
: Baked scones with flour & baking powder (thanks Twitter)
: Went to get cream out of fridge and realised it was frozen
: Swore
: Drove to butcher to get cream
: Realised I was running very late
: Swore
: Screamed instructions at Rob to finish scones & take up to morning tea
: Attempted ballet bun and make up
: Swore a lot
: Drove to ballet rehearsal at sat around for 1.5 hours
: Ate one sausage roll, one pink finger bun & one large coffee
: Got cranky at myself for eating all that crap
: Drove home
: Went to Christmas tree Farm, got tree, set it up
: Went to hall to set up for Christmas party Sunday night
: Helped make coleslaw for 130 people
: Got take away pizza for dinner
: Got kids to bed, made ginger tea and passed out at 9.30pm

Sunday I

: Woke to a freezing, dark, misty morning
: Watched Bedknobs & Broomsticks under the blanket with Daisy
: Lazed around colouring in, eating, reading, listening to Christmas carols by Kings Choir
: Had pancakes & endless cups of coffee for breakfast
: Went out to buy 150 ice creams, chips etc for Village Christmas Party
: Came home and packed down in bed with Daisy
: Fell asleep for 20 mins
: Went to Christmas party
: Came home and sat under the tree with the family listening to Bing Crosby
: Passed out at 9.30pm

  • Kair

    That sounds like a perfect Sunday.

    I love your blog … I just started one up myself and would love to know what you think.

  • Something Gorgeous

    Oh dear, you need to go back to bed!

  • Jane

    Man. Saturday sounded hectic. Reading this post just made me really, really, really keen for a big coffee and some scones. xxx

  • Corinthians Grace

    Tis the season to be silly, hungover, swearing and always in a rush!!! Gotta love this!!!

  • Mrs Woog

    Did that hangove knock you about a bit my darling? x

  • Kellie

    All I saw was scones.


  • vancybec

    oh bedknobs and broomsticks, i thought mine was the only family that even knew of that movie’s existence! angela lansbury at her finest one might say.

  • Aneets

    Oh god the best part of breastfeeding is no chance of a hangover. They seriously suck. x

  • Miss Pink

    I don’t think you swore enough.
    Must work on that for next weekend.

  • Mum on the Run

    Fa la la la la la la la la.

  • Down that Little Lane

    Oh potty mouth…

  • Jennii

    I love the black and white striped rug. Is it all one? Or a few long ones sewed together?

  • Lizeylou

    You did more in those couple of days than I did in a week – no wonder your tired.
    Sounds pretty fun though!

  • Mama of 2 boys

    Hard core Saturday lady. Lucky the Sunday kind of made up for it a bit :o) Nice bun by the way xo

  • Melissa {Suger}

    Haha. OMG, days like THAT Saturday. Soooo funny later. So not when they’re happening.

    Bedknobs & Broomsticks!! Loooove.