Birthday mornings: Two

: Birthday mornings are declarations of “Happy Birthday!” as soon as little eyes open
: They are dodgy wrapped presents with stickers because we have no sticky tape
: Birthday mornings are puffy eyes, crazy hair and excited smiles
: They are filled with love and joy and happiness
: They are filled with snatching and fights over new presents

: And when they are for a 2nd Birthday, just a tinge of sadness as you realise your baby girl is no more. But that’s OK, because she is two. Happy Birthday beautiful Harper!

  • Hayley

    Happy Birthday sweet little Harper!

  • Paulines

    Happy Birthday Harper. Love from Canberra.

  • Jane

    Happy birthday, beautiful girl! xx

  • Cherie @ ‘a baby called Max’

    Happy birthday sweet Harper!


  • Something Gorgeous

    Happy Birthday Harper. x

    PS: Beth even when she’s 22 she will still be your baby girl, so don’t fret.

  • Alli @ Ducks on the dam

    That pic of the two of them is a winner! Have a great day

  • Felicity

    Happy birthday Little Bean!

  • Me

    Happy Birthday Harper – hope you have a fan-tab-ulous day !

  • Corinne – Daze of My Life

    Happy birthday, Harper! Happy birthday, Mama!
    I hope both of you enjoy the day! xxxooo

  • Ajax

    Yay! Hope you all had a happiest day EVER!!

  • Shelley

    Happy Birthday Harper! You look so much like your mummy :)

  • Mama of 2 boys

    Oh happy happy days! Can’t quite believe that has been 2 years lady. Love your photos of birthday joy this morning, gorgeous! Happy Birthday sweet Harper :o) xo

  • Chantel

    Happy Happy birthday Harper! May your day be full of sunshine and rainbows! x


    Ps where did you get your doona cover?

  • vancybec

    whilst the gorgeous miss harper’s birthday is THE. MOST. IMPORTANT. feature of this post – and a very happy birthday to her too – i MUST know where the doona cover comes from. I MUST HAVE ONE OTHERWISE I WILL EXPLODE. p.s. i hope harper is on the biggest sugar rush, one that lasts for days, from a big pink iced bun from the bakery! happy days. happy days.

  • BabyMac

    Yo OLEBEANS! Got it from IKea. I am so mainstream like that. I do love it though!

  • Jane

    Oh, happy 2nd birthday, Harper! My, it looks like Mummy’s put a lot of work into getting your birthday celebrations ready. Have a fabulous day, Little One! J x

  • Anonymous

    Happy Birthday Harper!! What little sweeties they both are!


  • one claire day

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday little Harper! I hope your day is filled with lots of love, laughter and sunshine (sure looks like it’s off to a good start!). x

  • Mum on the Run

    Hope it has been a two-ly beautiful day – for you all.

  • Claire T

    Happy Birthday Harper! I know they call it the terrible twos but I think it’s such an adorable age. I mean, just look at that little face!!

  • Jodi @ The Scribble Den

    Oh so sweet. Happy birthday Miss Harper. x

  • Maxabella

    A big twoer, huh? She’s adorable, Beth. She looks so much like her mumma it’s grand. x

  • 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle

    She looks so much like you! She is just gorgeous.

  • Corrie

    love those gorgeous birthday morning pics! ahhhhhhhhhh 2! such a sweet age!


  • Zoey @ Good Googs

    Two is such a great age and I wouldn’t worry too much you’ll still find shades of the baby about her for at least another year ;-)