Red and green should never be seen

Edited to add: Rob just woke up and said “I think it’s Blue and Green should never be seen”. Not red. That’s a good combination. I think he’s right. I have NO idea what I am talking about most of the time. Now there’s a surprise…

The person who said “Red and green should never be seen” had clearly never seen my new Samantha Robinson bowls I got for my birthday.

Nor the bunch of tulips sitting on my hall table.

  • show.pony

    They look like watermelons! Divine!

    (actually,. red and green are complimentary colours. they are made to go together ;))


  • Mrs Woog

    Samantha Robinson ceramics make me giddy. Adore!

  • Leese

    I thought they were watermelons too for a second! Then my brain kicked in and I realized they were THOSE bowls. De. to the Vine!

  • Hello, I’m Marti. And I’m a red-head

    It is blue and green ;-)

    But how delightful are those bowls….supremely jealous!!!

  • GTV Diaries

    Those bowls should always be seen

  • Miss T

    Yes! its
    ‘blue and green should never be seen, unless theres a colour in between’
    like, red!
    Lovely bowls – they look like watermelons!
    T xx

  • Leanne

    Yes, I think you can put any colours together that you want. Your bowls look great and i love tulips!

  • Miss T

    ooo yes, show pony said that too! watermelons!

  • mumtoddlerbabe

    Oh look at you with your Samantha Robinson goodies!! Lucky you!! I don’t mind red and green at all.

  • ClaireyHewitt

    Blue and green should never be seen, except within the washing machine


    Blue and Green should never be seen, without a colour in between.

    Those tulips – love em!

  • ally

    I have lusted over those bowls
    (sad, but true)
    Lucky you!!!

  • Kel

    Apparently it’s ‘Pink and Green should never be seen’ according to my MIL who quotes this at me every time I dress the Toddler in something that might have pink and green together.
    Some days I do it just to annoy her.

  • show.pony

    I think Pink and Green sounds pretty lovely, Kel!

  • Down that Little Lane

    Love Samanthas work…..have invited er on my site for next month ad am fingers crossed she will like it xx

  • Lizeylou

    I AM SO ENVIOUS …. sorry, but I am. I love love love these bowls – love them!! YAY!!

    Oh, and I have a giveaway at the moment that you might like if you have a second to check it out?

  • Lizeylou

    And can I just add …. when was your birthday – did I miss it or is it today? Sorry that I have to ask – does that make me a bad blogging friend?

  • Sheridan

    LOVE those bowls! And the tulips are Gorgeous :)

  • Naturally Carol

    These are gorgeous..bowls and tulips!

  • Shannon

    A bit behind the times but I thought it was Purple and Green?