Shine a little light {Part two}

As soon as I posted about the new lamp the other day and the helpful suggestions started rolling in I had a ‘lightbulb of course‘ moment and ran down to my bedroom straight away. OF COURSE! For our engagement we were given these beautiful glass bottles from a dear friend of mine and they have always made me smile. The colour, the shape – what’s not to love about them? After some tweaking and direction from Daisy (she is getting very used to helping me move stuff about the house) we struck the perfect combination. Well at least we think so anyway.

And while I agree that in the long term we need something bigger while I am on the look out for that, this will do quite nicely.

  • The Beetle Shack

    looks good, love the colours….

    so, im no interior designer but i AM committed to your home- so, how about a few colourful books under that lamp to lift it up a bit- you get some height with out having to spend dosh (boring, but free).

    im a loser. i know.

  • Han & Moo

    Love Love. PS The book idea is a hit. X

  • Maxabella

    Adore that colour. Very nice indeed.

    Only five more sleeps and I’ll touch it! x

  • Mum on the Run

    Nice ‘aha’ moment.

  • Noosa Beach House

    Wow, they are gorgeous :)

  • cookcleanstudy

    I agree it looks gorgeous and I LOVE those bottles. I would also like to see how the book idea would look.

  • Miss T

    Gorgeous blue and yellow combo
    Miss T x

  • Kakka

    More gorgeous aquaness – love it.

  • Mama of 2 boys

    Perfecto Lady! That blue is brilliant, there is no question about it xo

  • shine little light*

    mmmmmmm side board envy. (for a moment there I thought your post was about me *le sigh* {insert winky emoticon in here} *s*