Pictures, words

Saturday morning
Running around
Chopping wood
Getting splinters
Setting fires
Stacking piles
Sweeping leaves
Cooking casseroles
Flowers in vases
Guests calling to tell us they weren’t coming

Saturday afternoon
A trip to the pub regardless
Playing in afternoon sunshine
Soaking up the wintery vistas

Saturday evening
A fire on the verandah
Champagne & cheese with neighbours
World’s most overtired 4 year old losing her shit completely
People (strangers) down the road coming in to check everything was ‘alright’
Mortified & embarrassed parents
Parents being hard on each other to each other
A baby that woke
A mother that sat on the floor, in the cold and waited for sleep to come

Sunday Morning
Classical music and coffee
Playing in the morning sunshine
Tea and toast
Fires cleaned and set
Lunch prepared
Visitors arrive
Settle in for a looooooong afternoon of food and wine

  • Corinne – Daze of My Life

    An action-packed weekend! I hope everyone is feeling well this morning.

  • Felicity

    Of all that you’ve share here Beth I must admit the glorious glass of bubbles is my favourite.

    xx F

  • Jane

    What a lovely realistic up and down weekend. Love that bubbly glass too!

  • PinkPatentMaryJanes

    That is the most fabulous “Hallelujah” shot of champagne – love it! Gorgeous shots as always x

  • 1000 Homes of Happiness

    love this!

    Your pictures are devine.


  • Mama of 2 boys

    aarrgghh, splinters suck! Hope you got the blighter out lady!?
    Love love LOVE the champagne twinkling in the sunlight… I’m sure it tasted heavenly :o)
    P.S. Had to laugh about the nosy strangers popping by to check nothing sinister was taking place!