Friday’s first world problem

This afternoon I had a hair appointment which I had to cancel because Rob is out working on a last minute job so I have no one to mind the kids. This shouldn’t be such a big deal, because it isn’t….but…I haven’t had it done in almost 12 weeks! For a platinum blonde like myself, this is disasterville. I *thought* I had an appointment booked before Bali, except when I called to confirm it didn’t exist, so then I had to wait until after the holiday and today was the first day to get in. Anyway, that day is here, and I am not. Things are actually so dire that I cannot look at myself in the mirror.

So, instead, today I’ll just look at this snap taken as I was getting ready for my sisters wedding and pretend that THIS is how I look.

  • SawHole


  • Susanne

    hmmmmm . . .

  • Felicity

    Loving this photo of you Beth – enlarge and blu-tak on your bathroom mirror & voila problem solved!

    x F

  • Kymmie

    Such a gorgeous photo of you Beth. Love that picture. I hope you get to the hairdressers soon. Yes, first world problem. But still…


    The beanie works a treat.
    I went 8 months with the most terrible re-growth. Feel like a new woman now!!!!

  • Jodie Ansted

    It’s so frustrating when plans fall through, isn’t it?

    It’s like when I get invited to something during the week that I just can’t attend because I have the 4yo. But I know that next year, I’ll wish for days of having him home.

    I think. ;)


  • plain jane styling

    that IS how you look! Gorgeous. Oh,..and go to ‘priceline’ or somewhere and get some purple shampoo…. should tide you over :) xxx

  • Lou

    Haha! I’ve been rocking the beanie for the last 2 days, works a treat on unwashed very regrowthy roots… Although I’m partial to just saying I’ve had ‘balayage’done!


  • Danielle

    I hope you get there soon.

  • Raine and Sage

    Excellent post title. Glad you’re keeping it in perspective.
    I must confess that I prefer good hair, over a good shirt for the feel good factor. So I’m hearing you loud and clear.