Birds of a Feather

I am constantly amazed by technology. If it’s the fact I can email some pictures of us on holiday and my Mum can whack out her Ipad on the kitchen bench and show the girls all within a few minutes, or answering my phone through my car, I think it’s amazing what we have available to us now. As a kid I dreamt of having TV screens in the car for those long car trips and now they exist! Excuse me for a moment while I have a senior citizens “in my day” moment…

Without a doubt my favourite thing is my iphone. Access to my email, internet, being able to take great photos, share, connect, speak – it’s got it all. My favourite thing is to send little snaps to my sister or girlfriends – whether it’s the girls looking cute or something new I have purchased (or thinking of purchasing) I love the to-ing and fro-ing – it makes this town seem a little closer to Sydney, and them.

Sunday night I was having myself a “how good is this” moment which I just had to share. I was having a glass of very good Pinot which was left over from my sisters wedding whilst sitting in front of the fire, watching TV. Life was good. I sent through a snap to her and what do you know came through a few seconds later?


Having a left over white from her wedding, in front of the heater and TV. It’s still cracking me up all these days later…

  • KK

    LOVE IT!

  • Super Sarah

    AAAh, blogger ate my comment. Was just saying how much I love my new iphone and spamming my friends with instagram pics and ping chat messages! I love all my running apps and shopping list apps. How did I survive before it?

  • Susanne

    Guess I’m gonna have to break down and get an iphone soon. Am I going to have a real breakdown or something when I try to adjust to going from my non-picture taking, no frills little Nokia to the BIG daddy iphone?

    Talk about a senior moment, I’ve got yours and I’ll raise you 20! Thanks for making me smile (even though I’m still virtually on vacation and would appreciate more pix – c’mon, you know you’ve got ‘em)!

  • becbrett

    i live in tasmania, on the nw coast (top) my one & only sister lives in hobart (bottom) & yes phones have , made every day seem a little closer to each other & our fast growing families! sometimes the drive is waayyy to far with little kids, but a few pics of a fun day, or a great shopping trip make us both feel more included in each others lives :)