I can barely say this out loud, let alone write it down, but you guys….we are going away in just under 1 month! Overseas! For 8 nights! WITHOUT THE KIDS! 

That’s right, Rob and I are headed over to Bali for a romantic escape sans kidlets to sit back, sleep, have sex, drink and eat till out hearts content and praise ourselves for the huge parenting effort we have put in over the past 5 years. You see, it’s Rob’s birthday and it would have been 5 years since we did our big trip to celebrate that auspicious occasion (we went to Ireland & Europe) upon which I got knocked up on the way home in our stopover in Dubai. Since then it’s been a whirlwind of pregnancies and work and babies and pregnancies and work and kids and grown up life. It’s most certainly time to stop. Take in our efforts. And enjoy some time together. Alone.

Oh my God I am so excited.

And we are totally staying here. In one of these villas. For 5 nights. SHUT UP IT HAS A PRIVATE POOL!

Then we are heading to Seminyak {thanks to Mrs Woog for the inside info} for another 3 nights for a little bit more action, restaurants, bars and fun. We even get to meet up with Rob’s Dad and step mum for a few nights who will be stopping through from a trip they are making. So. Much. Fun.

Now. Before you all go and unfollow me and hate me forever and tell me what a bad mother I am for leaving my kids, and that I am beyond lucky and annoying, I will say this: SHUT UP IT HAS A PRIVATE POOL! Plus, there will be some good blogging material. Right? Maybe? Notsomuch. I’ll be too busy drinking cocktails having sex and getting MASSAGES. It’s OK, I know. Go ahead. Unfollow me. I think I would too.

  • Peta

    Good for you!!! My husband and I did 6 nights sans kids on Bali last year. It.was.awesome. We are planning on going again this year but the kids are coming this time.
    I won’t unfollow but I will tell you, I am very jealous!

  • Corinne – Daze of My Life

    I don’t hate you because you’re a bad mother, I know you’re a fabulous mother and you totally deserve this trip.

    I hate you because I’m not going. I may not speak to you for the rest of the day while I sulk and think about that pool.

    It’s a great opportunity to get knocked up again and join me on this whacky third kid adventure though. Huh? Huh?

  • [Good Mum Hunting]

    WOOHOO! You will have a blast!

    Just be careful of the rabies outbreak there at the moment, no touching any dogs or monkeys!! haha

    Seminyak is fantastic, great places to eat. Jimbaran Bay has the best bars and fantastic views.

    Trek up to Ubud too, I love it in the mountains :)

    Very jealous of you right now for sure. Am trying to plan a trip and am struggling with inspiration…

  • Ellie

    Way nice. We are going in October for 10 nights but with the kids. I much prefer your version.

    Would you mind linking me to where you staying?

  • BabyMac

    Ellie – send me an email and I will shoot through the link. Couldn’t find your contact on your blog – sorry! Your version sounds pretty good too!

  • kim at allconsuming

    It was only two nights ago I made the comment to Chef how I would love, no need, to get away on a holiday. Just with him. Just for a week. Five days. Somewhere where it was warm and there was a pool with limitless cocktails.

    And here you are. Doing it for me. Granted you’ll be having far more sex than we would be but that wouldn’t be for lack of sex-nagging from the big man. More because I’d be too busy having massages where the happy ending is I no longer have that pain in my neck and the tightness in my shoulders and the niggling pain in my lower back because apparently I’m 80.

  • kim at allconsuming

    Oh and if you don’t come back preggers I will fucking eat my hat.

    (sooo lucky I don’t wear hats)

  • Melinda Stella

    Good on you! I bet you have an amaaazing time.

    Now just answer me this – where did you find someone willing enough to take your kids for 8 nights? I need to know so that once this bubba is born, I can plan an overseas trip for myself! Lol.

  • Super Sarah

    God, I actually do hate you! Or just wish I was you… how totally luxurious and brilliant, you deserve it. Ron and I have been talking about the possibility of an adults only holiday but its not going to happen for a few more years!

  • LionessLady

    You are sooooo lucky! Now you get a chance to fix one of those 5 problems you were having earlier this week!!!! Have a great time – the kids will be fine :-)

  • Danielle

    No wonder your excited. PRIVATE POOL!

  • shine little light*

    Yay! Yes! Go you! High freakin five!!! So happy for you and of course just a smidge jealous (A PRIVATE POOL SHUT UP!!) *s*

  • Kymmie

    I haven’t visited for ages, and even after reading all of that (what? Private pool?), I’m just excited for you! And there’s no judging from this blogger (who so happens to be planning a dirty weekend away with her hubby in September for her 40th!) You get as excited as you can. Sqeeeeee! xx

  • kurrabikid

    Wow!!!! How lucky are you?!! Looks amazing!

  • I’m So Fancy

    That is GOOD parenting, not bad. Well done!

  • Clare

    I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. We are going to Bali in July for the first time (with the kids, but with their grandparents and aunty too so hopefully we will manage some kid-free time while we are there).
    No one will hate you for this – everyone is too busy feeling absolutely sick with jealousy!

  • Raine and Sage

    I’m keeping my jealousy in check… only just…
    make sure you take a drawing of the kids feet as there are tonnes of sparkly fairy princess shoes to be had for a dollar or two. Oh wait… you probably won’t even get a chance to leave your own pool. Get out of town. Your own pool?!!

  • Good Golly Miss Holly!

    I’m not unfollowing because I think you’re a bad mum, I’m unfollowing because I am green with envy!

    Ok, I won’t unfollow but I am really fucking green!

  • MultipleMum

    That sounds awesome! You totally deserve it and IT HAS A PRIVATE POOL!!!!! Jealous but very happy for you Beth!

  • Mama of 2 boys

    Ahh I’ve been waiting for this post ever since you mentioned your dirty 8 night sojourn. You will have so much time for sex, you won’t know what to do with yourselves… it’s just like riding a bike, really!
    I am super jealous and was going to unfollow you, but know I’d only be hurting myself, as I wanna read all about that private pool ;o)
    Good on you lady, it will be an absolute blast xo

  • Amy

    I could only just about bear the jealousy of your gorgeous country house, and NOW you get an overseas holiday too? Not fair!

    I think you need to buy us something amazing while you are gone and do the worlds best giveaway when you get back- or that unfollow button is looking mighty tempting! :P

    (By the way, good on you for this. You both deserve some serious time out).

  • Maxabella

    Argk! That’s so f’ing fabulous that I am standing up and cheering for you. Not jealous at all, of course. No siree, not me. x

  • edenland

    Omg. Hon … best news ever, I am SO HAPPY for you. I’m standing on my chair, whooping at this news. Fucking outstanding.

    … and I left my kids last year for almost three weeks. Rocco had just turned TWO – who does that? Me, apparently. Wow.

    It was fucking awesome.


  • Kakka

    OMG It has a private pool – really – I am sooo jealous. I can not get my hubby to go anywhere and Bali is so close to Perth and IT HAS A PRIVATE POOL. Enjoy xxx