Salmon en Croute

We had this on Christmas Day and so when I knew that we had a few people here on Good Friday I thought it would be a reasonably easy dinner to put together. PLUS I knew I had my brother in law chef here to help me out. Shame he ended up making the entire thing while I drank wine, watched and took photos.

Salmon en Croute
: 2 sides of Salmon (pin boned & skinless)
: 1 jar Dijon mustard
: 500 gms baby spinach
: 500 gms baby mushrooms
: 1 large brown onion
: 1 pack puff pastry

Firstly we cooked off the spinach mushroom mixture because it has to be cooled off before it goes onto the fish. Slice and dice them all off (thrown some garlic in with the mushies as well) and once cooked through put aside. This mix got put through the food processor later on as well so it was like a paste.

Now. The fish. It’s funny, our fish, because I asked Mum to pick it up from the Fish Markets in Sydney before she headed down here. And we had a 10 minute discussion about the fact that I needed it filleted, skinned and pinned and she said things like “do you think they will do that for us?” and “Sure, no worries.” And yet, when she arrived on Friday she had a whole fish. Funny that. Lucky for us we had a chef on hand to sort it all out.

Not so lucky for my Mum who had to pin bone the fillets as her punishment.

Once we have the two fillets you spread the spinach mixture between the two fillets like a sandwich and place on top of 2 sheets of puff pastry.

Then you spread the dijon over the back of the top fillet. We didn’t use quite the whole jar.

Then you place the other sheets over the top and press down. There was about a 3 cm edge around the fish that just got pressed down with a fork (not folded or anything too fancy).

But by now because I was getting a little drunk and bossy I demanded some fancy. Like fancy scales. And a face. And fish tail etc. Lucky for Chris he could use the wine lid I was gulping down to make the scale imprint.

Then we brushed her with egg and let it sit outside before we were ready to cook it. A fridge would probably be more appropriate except it was cooooold outside and that worked.

It cooked for about an hour. The salmon gets cooked through rather than being pink because it gets steamed in the pastry, but wait until it’s all golden and crispy. Serve with roasted potatoes and a simple green salad and aoili. Or nothing at all. It’s also fabulous cold (and much easier to cut through too).

C’est magnifique!


  1. You’re so clever that looks amazing!
    When can I come for dinner? ;-)

  2. Oh, yum! The food always looks so delicious at your place!!

  3. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuum, I was hoping you’d share some of the lovely recipes of food you ate this weekend. That is gorgeous! how handy to have a chef in the family!


  4. Ha, I’ve missed you. That photo of the salmon saying ‘hello’ has reminded me of how much.

    Glad you had such a fab Easter with the family. I also ate waaaaaay too much and can’t actually walk anymore and had to get the hub to roll me over here to the computer. x

  5. I love that you are so clever you got someone else to do the cooking for you!! Good girl.
    I have made the family eat veggies for two days because my pants are tight. I love Easter. Easter does not love me. (Or maybe it does, too much? I don’t know!)

  6. Heavens to Murgatroyd … I want to eat at your house. I want to eat your house, and all the shiny, sparkly things in it. (But I won’t)


  7. Oh dear. Now I’m dying of embarrassment thinking that I suggested your children might like salmon with dijon mustard/honey and cornflakes. Definitely no show pony factor on that one. :-)


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