Love, sweet love

Saturday Rob and I celebrated 6 years of married life together and while my present did not arrive in time {from France!} I was presented with it when we returned from the wedding on Monday afternoon. And boy was it worth the wait! The traditional present for 6 years is iron or sugar {um, OK} and modern is wood {why did they create modern? I suppose to stop you from getting iron presents right?} so he combined the two to give me the world’s most amazing box of chocolates.

It came in this little pouch with a message and the world’s fanciest map for the chocolates {beats the old inside of the box of the Quality Street}.

And then the box itself has it’s own humidifier thingy on the top just so you know that your chocolates are kept at optimum humidity which is 50 to 60% or something like that.

And take a look at them! One of each different type, individually numbered, all lined up like the prettiest chocolates that ever there were!

He’s not half bad is he, my husband? Thoughtful. Clever. Just plain lovely. And I can tell you that when we sampled a few after dinner last night, they were every bit as good as you would expect them to be. Ridiculously good.

Have a look at their website here, it really is amazing.

  • ClaireyH

    What a gift, certainly worth waiting for.

  • plain jane styling

    simply gorgeous. clever, clever man! xxx

  • Chantelle {fat mum slim}

    Wow. Can I please get me one of those (the husbands and the box of chocolates!).

    Way impressed. x

  • Corinne – Daze of My Life

    I can tell you right now that on my 6th wedding anniversary (this Saturday) that I won’t be receiving anything half as special. If fact, I’ll be surprised if I receive anything at all!

    He’s a good boy that Rob! And yum, those choccies look sensational! x

  • Amy

    Congratulations on six years! :)

    That’s an amazing present, what a good job your husband did. What did you get him?

  • Felicity

    Right, so the question is when will Rob be hosting his “How To Make Your Partner Swoon” online course?

    Seriously Beth, could this be THE most thoughtful & delicious anniversary gift? I think so.

    The sad reality is that you’ve made my mouth water for some quality chocolate and all that I have in the house at the moment is a bag of dodgy homebrand buttons!

    x Felicity

  • Good Golly Miss Holly!


    Congrats on 6 wonderful years of marriage, here’s to many more x

  • Ms Styling You

    So, so beautiful but the humidifier thingy would be lost on me … they wouldn’t last long enough to be ruined! Happy anniversary x

  • Mama of 2 boys

    Fancy schmancy Rob, what a good man! But you deserve it lady friend. I am currently working my way through a box of those handmade choccies from David Jones… sure they’re not imported from France, but they’re quite fine! ;o)

  • Kymmie

    That certainly is the most thoughtful gift. He’s a keeper your hubby of six years. Just imagine what he does next year? (Cooper or wool…) xx