Frock on

Whilst I went shopping for my bridesmaid frock for my little sister’s wedding in late MARCH {oh my stars that is going to be there before I know it} I haven’t found anything. At all. Taking suggestions from anyone as to where I can find said frock OK thanks? Only condition is that it has to be grey. Oh and fabulous. And make me look skinny. Not too hard hey?!

Anywho, whilst all the little ladies {nieces} are NOT official flower girls they are all going to be in the same frock on the day and will be there for the ceremony and then {hopefully disappearing without any questions not long after}. As it’s a garden wedding we though something flowery, pretty and a little vintage would be the trick. That’s when we stumbled across some amazingly pretty frocks from Tea Princess. I had never even heard of them before but everything was fabulouso. So we picked one, ordered it online and 2 days later is arrived {I am in LOVE with online shopping}.

And someone I know was loving herself sick as she tried it on. And spun. And posed. It’s a little long now – but I figured she needed the room as she grows faster than our grass does down here and by March it will be parfait!

Now just to find something that will make me want to spin with joy…suggestions please!