Green Envy

I need a little calm this morning. I have been running around like a chook with her head cut off trying to get *stuff done* and actually getting nothing done. I have also been dealing with a sad little Harper who we found out yesterday afternoon actually has a middle ear infection (oh so that would explain the tears and needing to be cuddled by Mama. Don’t I feel like an arsehole?) Anyway, we have some friends over for a few hours this morning so rushing to get something out…to you…see what I mean about the rushing?

So. Where were we? Oh yes. Take a deep breath {insert deep breath} and soak up these pretties:
I NEED this to be my pool (if I had a pool). This is from my most favourite house EVER that I discovered on The Selby. Did I mention I love this site? I do. And this house? Amazing on so many levels. Couldn’t you just spend a day down by this pool with gin & tonic in hand on a heavy summers day? Oh I most definitely could.
And imagine this little river at the bottom of your garden? Um yes please.
And I think I would be a calmer person if this were my living room. That rug? That green grass rug? Genius. And that view out there? Not half bad either. I have always wanted to have a house on a lake in the States somewhere. In any case, I most certainly would not be running around like a headless chook in the mornings in this house (oh except for the bit where I had to clean it up to look this this!)
Hope your Friday has a little green zen to it. Somewhere. Somehow.
  • Maxabella

    That floor alone would bring out the crazy chook in me… can you imagine keeping it clean when the patter of muddy feet is everywhere?! I would have to cancel my life and attach mops to the bottom of my feet to be happy. The view would help with that.

  • rakster

    OMG have totally done the same thing with the middle ear infection. Almost said shutup too. Well, I did, I just left the room and shouted it outside then returned. :)

  • life in a pink fibro

    I live in the country and I still want to live in the country as depicted in these pictures. Sigh. One day.

  • PinkPatentMaryJanes

    Um, love, you can totally fit that book in your new stonkin’ big backyard… As Frank’n'Furter says, “Don’t dream it – be it” xx

  • PinkPatentMaryJanes

    Pool, POOL was what I meant to write – damn. What is WRONG with me today? (I have written over 4000 words in the past few days, could that help? And the four double shots I’ve already had today – possibly part of the problem?) Okay, going now.

  • kurrabikid

    I agree – glorious pool.

  • MultipleMum

    That house certainly oozes calm. All that space! I wish…

  • EmmaK

    I am so with you! That pool is amazing. I am finding a little Zen today – had a shitty week the girls had headlice but they are dead now I think (the lice not the girls!!)