Sunny days

Oh my sunny day, doesn’t it just feel like Spring is here? What a weekend of sunshine we were lucky enough to have. In between my cleaning frenzy for the open house we managed to catch plenty of it.

The best bit? Sunday afternoon, in our new sun filled courtyard, playing in a make do cubby house under the clothes horse while Harper’s blanket freshly washed, dried in the sunshine. Daisy decorated (as she always does) because apparently it was Christmas, she was hosting a party, and the pegs were the perfect decoration for her!

So. Today (after someone come for a look at the house at 9am…eeek) I hope to soak up some more. Did I mention this is the last week of the house being for sale (I hope!)? Did I mention I was happy about that? Hmm?

Hope your Monday is a sunny one for you!
  • toushka

    What gorgeous photos!

  • PinkPatentMaryJanes

    Beautiful photos! And oh pegs – best toy ever!

    Good luck with the 9am inspection, sounds like they’re keen! xxx

  • Kylie @ The Rockgarden

    Sweet photos! I love that little foot. Fingers crossed for the last week of inspections.