By George

Tonight I am off to see George Michael in concert. I am SO EXCITED. In fact, I have been waiting all my life to see George in concert and tonight? Well tonight I will get to see him in the flesh. And not just in the flesh. In the VIP Freedom section Flesh (so hopefully a little closer).

I plan on singing along to EVERY song, dancing in my seat like a loser, and generally getting over excited about the whole thing. And equally as exciting? It will be my first night away from Harper (even if it just is for a few hours).

Oh George, I look forward to remembering the 80′s, 90′s and noughties wit chu.

  • Anything Fits a Naked Man

    Sooooo jealous! His recording of “Faith” is one of my favorites to run to!! Can’t wait to hear how the show was!! Have fun!

  • Corinne

    Oh. So. Jealous. I want to hear alllllll about it.
    have a wonderful night.

  • Kellyansapansa

    I am ridiculously jealous!