Thank you

I have been amazed every time I have opened my email over the past few days by all the comments that were left on my post earlier in the week. I was anxious about putting it out there, sharing another story, and trying to explain just why I do what I do here. And the best thing? You got it. And get it. And me (well the bit of me you see on here – who can explain my penchant for pink cupcakes and strawberry milk?). So thank you. All your kind words have meant a lot to me, humbled me, and done wonders to the self esteem of a 25 week pregnant Mumma with a cold who feels a little sorry for herself at the mo. Not so happy that you know now that many of my closest family call me Betty! I was also amazed to see that my readership may stretch beyond the 3 people that I thought read it! Watch out Dooce

I also needed to say a HUGE thank you to Carly Grace to sent me in the mail this week 12 (!!!) pairs of kids craft scissors that I won on a give away on her blog. Daisy is VERY impressed with them – in fact a pair has to stay on her bedside table at night – but with 12 (!) pairs I think that is OK….that is until I find that she has woken up and cut her hair in a fancy schmancy zig zag pattern! So thank you – it was very generous and kind!

Ok, enough of the web love fest…

  • carly_grace

    absolutely no problem! sorry it took me forever to send them! glad she loves them!

  • Chatty Cricket

    OH CRAP. Carly Grace sent you scissors and I still owe you soap!

  • halloweenlover

    You’re awesome! Of course, we already knew that. I keep thinking that Chatty Cricket and I should come visit you ; )

    Just a hop, skip, and a jump away!